Friday, December 16, 2011

Moving Day

We did it! We moved. I would have posted this sooner, but...

The day before we moved Brian was gone most of the day, and then the evening too. His mom has enlightened me that this may be a hereditary trait. Luckily, we don't plan on moving ever again. We were up way too late trying to finish last minute stuff, then we laid in bed and remembered our time in that house (when we should have been sleeping). We laughed about a lot of memories, and we came up with some more that probably should have made the top 10 list! (ie. the smoke alarm that had a short and would randomly go off in the middle of the night and scare us half to death!! And when we thought we lost Wilson, our kitty, who was gone for almost a week before he showed up at 4:00 one Sunday morning)

We got up really early Thursday morning in order to throw away put stuff in last minute boxes. By we, I mean I got up early and started building boxes in the master bathroom (in an effort not to wake up Sadie), so Brian had no choice but to get up. The movers arrived promptly at 8:20 and didn't waste any time. They had a ramp for our porch, a red carpet down on the tile, and our chairs and dinner table wrapped in plastic wrap and in the truck by 8:30. They were amazingly fast... and strong. And they took everything. EVERYTHING. 3 hours later their truck was full, our house (and back yard) was empty, and I was starving.

I was a little sad packing stuff up and thinking about no longer living in our house. Then I almost started crying waiting for the movers to arrive. But then as we got to our new home, and things started being unloaded from the truck and brought in. As we started seeing things like our bed and our couches in this new house, then I forgot about being sad, and I started getting excited. It's still a little surreal that we actually live in this house, it was such a far fetched dream, and now it's real.

My job was to start unpacking the kitchen while everybody worked on unloading the truck. It was sort of an intimidating job, especially when they kept bringing me box after box after box marked "kitchen." But I got food into the fridge, and I found enough stuff to make dinner later. And then they were done and I crashed. My feet hurt, my back hurt, I hadn't gotten enough sleep for like the last 2 weeks... I needed a nap.

So now we're here. We've spent one night in our new house. Sadie did well and slept in her bed pretty well. The cats did NOT do well and kept us up for a lot of the night. They are worried and stressed out and scared, but they'll get used to things and it'll be alright again. Luckily Barney is so trained that he won't go potty anywhere but the litter box, and Wilson is so nervous he probably won't go for a couple of days! We laid in bed last night and just listened. No cars screeching around the corner, or driving without a muffler at 2:00 in the morning. No gunshots. No tractor plowing the field behind our house at 11:00 at night. No sirens or dogs howling at the sirens. No helicopters. No traffic. Nothing. It was quiet, and peaceful, and so nice.

We're moved. It's incredible. And it's all ours!

Here's a video of the movers loading the piano. This was the climax. We knew once the piano was in, that was it... we were just about done!!

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  1. That piano has a lot of miles on it. Grandma probably would never have guessed where her cherished piano has gone since she gave it to Brian's dad.