Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What we need is a King sized bed!

This morning Sadie was an angel. She woke up happy (no sensory freakouts), she ate breakfast in her mouth (as opposed to in her tube), and we were off to therapy with Miss Tami. Sadie is a beautiful car rider these days and we listened to Christmas carols on the radio and I talked to Grandpa on the phone. We even stopped for gas before we got to therapy! No screaming.

I swear Sadie LOVES physical therapy. She always gets so happy when we walk into the trailer. I think that she knows that she's going to get to do things she likes (ie. sitting, standing, etc) even though she has to work hard to do them. Therapy went pretty well, she got in the stander and even though she liked it, her mouth hurt, so she yelled a lot. We tried to make her happy, but finally Tami said to her, "fine, do you just want to get out of the stander?" Sadie immediately got quiet, looked in Tami's direction and smiled really big.

This girl knows what she wants!

When we left, we had to run a couple of errands...which is always a lot of work and a little unpredictable. We went to the Apothecary shop to pick up Sadie's prescription. It didn't take long, Sadie smiled the whole time. It was like she was just happy to be doing stuff with Mama. Then we went to the post office, which took a little longer. Not a peep. Sadie was so good. No yelling, no whining, even getting in and out of the car multiple times went smoothly! She was amazing.

Then we got home and it all went down hill. There was whining and puking, which turned into yelling. Then we had a poop-splosion, which got EVERYWHERE... only to find that we had exactly 2 wipes in the whole house! (Mama had to be a very strategic wiper!) Then there was sort of a nap, which didn't last long. Then more puking and more yelling. Sadie's mouth hurts so bad and she is so uncomfortable that I am shocked that she was as good as long as she was this morning. But it's seriously like I have 2 different children.

Tonight will probably be like every night for the last week...sleeping between Mommy and Daddy. Each night we try to put her to sleep in her bed, and some nights it works. But we get to a point where we have to decide if we want to sleep with her in her really uncomfortable cheapo twin-size bed, or if we want her to sleep with us in our really nice, really comfortable tempurpedic bed. Last night we only had to go in there twice before we finally just brought her to bed with us at 1:00am.

If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have insisted on a King sized bed!!

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