Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sadie's first wheelchair

Today was a long-awaited day. At 1:00 this afternoon we headed down to the CRS Wheelchair Clinic at United Seating and Mobility to pick up Sadie's wheelchair.

It's fancy.

And it's pretty.

It's basically a giant stroller (with extensions and things to make it even gianter as Sadie grows), but it's got feet platforms, tie downs, a canopy, a strap around her belly for support, a pillow for her head, and it folds completely down like an umbrella stroller.

And Sadie wasn't impressed by it like I was!

The one bad thing is that it doesn't fit into my car. It's like an inch and a half too long to get into my trunk. So to get it home I had to move the front passenger seat forward and tilt it up and the wheelchair fit in the back seat next to Sadie.

We really need a van.

I have some ideas about altering my car and making it fit, but if I wasn't ghetto before, I'm now gonna be wheelchair accessible ghetto! It builds character!! haha. (PS. while I was writing this, Brian figured out a solution, I just needed to think outside the box)

The next thing we're working on is a wheelchair parking permit. Seriously, this thing is big, and it's going to take that extra parking spot room to get it all set up and Sadie out of the car and strapped into this thing! If going out with her was difficult, it's going to be really complicated too!

She warmed up to it a little bit later...sorta.

She doesn't seem to fit it comfortably yet. We'll spend some time tomorrow with Tami getting Sadie into it so that she's comfortable and supported well. Hopefully then I'll be more comfortable using it too!!

But it's fun to "drive" because it rides smoothly (unlike the stroller), and it's sturdy (unlike the stroller), and it's big (unlike the stroller). I'm excited to take Sadie on walks and I'm really looking forward to flying to Oregon with this instead of that rickety stroller.

Even though it'll take some getting used to, this is going to make our lives a lot easier.

Check out the video of the guy showing me how to fold it up!


  1. Yay!! She looks fantastic in it! I hope it makes everything easier for you and that it helps her out through her day as well. We found that our girl could DO so much more once she was seated properly!

  2. Oh my, she looks so adorable in her new wheelchair. The color blue is just perfect. It is only natural for Sadie to feel uneasy sitting in her new wheelchair. But don't worry, she'll soon get used to it in time. Just stay positive and believe that everything will be alright.