Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sadie's first - Sensitive Santa

A few weeks ago, a Mighty Mom posted that there would be a "Sensitive Santa" in the valley for kids with special needs to come to a quieter environment to see Santa and get their picture taken. But the address was REALLY far from our house (no matter which one we were in)! Luckily, they had Saturday hours, and we were going to the dentist on Saturday, and Sensitive Santa happens to be very close to the dentist!


It was a really cool experience. There's no way Sadie could have handled Santa at the mall. Too much noise, too much waiting, and they wouldn't have been patient or had any idea about her special needs. But this Santa (and his elves) were awesome! Santa held Sadie and cuddled her, and they took 2 different pictures because the first one wasn't good enough. They were all so nice and we were the only ones there when we got there so we didn't even have to wait.

They told me they do Sensitive Santa every year... we just might have to make the drive!

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  1. That sounds swell! How was the dentist trip for Sadie, before the visit to Santa? Here's to hoping that she was comfortable there as well...

    Delfina Schrecongost