Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nice to meet you 2012!

Last year for New Years I wrote this post about how I wanted to write more, cry less, and rejoice in all the blessings in my life. Well, I think I've done pretty well so far, don't you?

I imagine most parents feel amazed at how much can happen with their child in those first years, but when I look back to a year ago, I realize really how much of a difference a year makes and I get excited for this next year!

Over the course of 2011 Sadie said goodbye to the bouncy chair, and said hello to LOTS of new teeth! She stopped nursing, learned to eat, and got a feeding tube.

In 2011 Sadie learned to let someone besides Mama take care of her. She learned to sleep in her own room, in her own bed. She went to swimming lessons. She got an ipad!

Sadie met some new doctors in 2011 and she spent some time in the hospital. She also spent her first night (2, actually) away from Mama. She visited Washington for the first time, and Oregon for the third and fourth time. And she met her new cousin, Theo.

In 2011 Sadie stopped screaming in the car!!!

Wait, let me say that again... Sadie stopped screaming in the car!!!

In 2011 Sadie got a wheelchair and a chillout chair and a big girl high chair. She started sitting independently, and rolling over purposefully. She even started reaching a little.

Sadie met Santa for the first time in 2011, moved into a new house, and got her first pair of shoes. She also fell in love with Sesame Street, and especially Elmo.

Sadie started communicating more in 2011, she's happier now, and she can now fall asleep without the pacifier!

Whew! Does that pretty much sum it up? I'm sure there's more, but those are sure a lot of blessings this year to be thankful for in just one year! Looking back this way really shows how amazing our life is.

In a few weeks Sadie is going to turn 2. It's hard to believe that this little baby that doctors told us would not even be able to breathe on her own or live to be 1 month old has been alive for 2 years. And she is doing so well! And she is cuter than I could ever imagine! And she is loved so much by so many people.

This year is going to be full of so many more great things in our lives, and I can't wait to look back in a year and see again how fantastic the year has been again. This is a special little girl with a great gift to charm anybody she meets. She has a lot to look forward to, and so do we. The future is nothing but bright!

Happy New Year everybody! May 2012 be even more wonderful for you than 2011!

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