Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sadie's first day of "school"

Daycare went better than I could have ever expected today. After my post last night, I got a lot of responses, both on facebook and as blog comments, saying that I should ease into it. People suggested that I take my time moving a little farther and farther away until I'm in the car. While these were good suggestions, they only stressed me out more. I was going to get to Daycare around 11:00 and I had to be at Starbucks, signed in and working by 11:30. There was no time to wean myself, so then I started worrying that maybe I'm going about this all wrong!!

But we were fine. Both of us.

First of all, I got the go ahead from GI to give Sadie a second dose of reflux medicine (that is FINALLY actually working) in the evening... and she slept all night. So, she woke up happy and rested and probably feeling pretty good compared to how crappy she's felt the last 2 weeks!

We headed off to therapy and she didn't puke, she didn't scream, she hardly protested when Tami had her all twisted into a pretzel!! I'm glad Sadie is usually really good for Tami because for that first year of PT, all Sadie seemed to do was scream. Tami has really paid her dues!

After this kind of morning, I wasn't worried at all about daycare. Miss Lauren was expecting us and the other teachers welcomed us when we walked in the room. I showed her what was in the bag and she said they'd label everything (I told her I didn't know how!). I showed her the journal and she said they have their own form that they fill out daily that logs when diapers were changed, what your child ate, and some comments about what she did that day. Plus Miss Lauren also created a special sheet for Sadie to log her tube feeds and how much liquid she was getting.

Have I mentioned before how much I like everyone at UCP?!

We got there right at lunch time, and what Lauren showed me had been "pureed" for Sadie was a little chunkier than Sadie is used to, but I told Lauren to go ahead and try. However, I did mention that Sadie has some post nasal drip and is having trouble swallowing, which leads to gagging, which leads to puking. And that breakfast was a struggle, so just watch for warning signs like lips or teeth clamped shut, gagging, etc. But I wanted Sadie to try it, it was cheeseburger and green beans and Sadie's not used to eating food like that. It was good for her to try something new. Miss Lauren said Sadie ate 6 bites, which is amazing!! Way to go Sadie (and Lauren).

Sadie didn't take a nap (no surprise there), instead Miss Lauren took her for a walk outside while the other kids slept. I'm sure Sadie really liked that!

And when I came back to pick her up everybody still had smiles on their faces! Yay! Success.

However, Sadie almost always makes a good first we'll see how Friday goes! To be fair, we did warn them that Friday may be a scream-all-day kind of day. They didn't even flinch. Really, I love these people.

In other news daycare cleaned out my diaper bag and then kept it all there, so when we went to the mechanic to have them look at my AC on our way home, I wasn't prepared for poop or puke. I had nothing. No rags, no diapers, no wipes, no change of clothes. Nothing. I was so frustrated and embarrassed. Needless to say, by the time we got home Sadie (and Mommy) was a stinky mess and went straight into the tub!

Oh, and our handicap parking permit came in the mail today, so that's pretty exciting!

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  1. WOW...I am so glad you wrote it all out because when I tried to call you didn't answer. You were probably wrestling with poop at the mechanic's...hahaha. Kids always know when it is the most opportune time :) Love U. Sounds like a good day!! Yay for our big girl !!