Friday, January 20, 2012

Sadie's 2 year well check

It's sort of strange to think about that it's already been two whole years since we were in the NICU, since we met Dr. Wendy, since we thought our baby was going to die. But, I was always told when I had a baby that time flies...and I'm not really sad that it has.

Sadie and Grammy and I went to see Dr. Wendy today for Sadie's two-year-old well check. And there was no car screaming. And there was no nursing in the lobby just to keep her quiet. ANd there was no wrestling the stroller through doorways and down halls (the wheelchair maneuvers like a dream!!). And there was no stripping her down and laying her on a scale stark naked and screaming. And there were no shots. And I started thinking that maybe I can handle this!!

Sadie still isn't feeling completely 100%, but she bucked up and did a good job. We weighed her @ 27lbs. We thought this might be a little light...but she has been sick for the last couple of days. Even so, she's still holding strong in her weight percentile!! We measured her length too, but I didn't take note of it...somewhere in the 40s? I don't always rely on a perfectly accurate length measurement because Sadie doesn't lay flat usually, so they have to pull her legs, which results in her head moving down, which I'm supposed to hold against the wall, but I never can do it perfectly. So who knows how long she REALLY is! haha

I've heard rumors that Dr. Wendy is the only special needs doctor now at this clinic, so since it's a teaching hospital, we always see a resident first. I guess it helps Wendy out a lot, but it's sort of annoying. Because they don't know us, and it's a lot of work to explain everything to them and then have the same conversation again with Wendy when she comes in later. I know they need practice, so whatever, but it's still annoying.

The best thing about this appointment was learning that Sadie's lungs and ears are clear. Having her be sick with a cold (really for the first time) I was a little worried about these 2 things. But it's just a cold. And the doctor, who was a little over cheerful for anyone's good, assured me that what's going around shouldn't last longer than 5 days, even though that snot might stick around for a couple more. (I can already tell that Sadie's feeling better!)

When Wendy came in, we mostly talked about her authorizing that Sadie could benefit from an hour of speech each week (in addition to her feeding therapy), and the letter from the OT about getting a swing. And Sadie was good enough to show off her independent sitting, which Wendy was amazed by.

We have a big girl. A healthy girl, and even though we need to come in and have somebody check Sadie's weight every 3-4 months, we don't have to have another well-check for a year! There was even talk about having well-checks in the summer since Sadie's birthday is during RSV and flu season. Now THAT'S a good idea!!

And on to a new year and new things!!

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