Friday, October 12, 2012

Bump Watch - 40 weeks!

I know you're all waiting for pictures of a little red-headed newborn and a story of a happy healthy birth...but I'm still preggy.

I was SURE we were having a baby last Sunday night.  All day I thought I was in early labor, then I had a GREAT night of sleep and woke up feeling normal on Monday.  But it was okay, because my mom didn't arrive until Tuesday evening.  But now it's Friday and I'M STILL PREGNANT!!

It's okay that we didn't have our 10-11-12 baby.  I didn't really want him to have that birthday.  And I've said from the beginning that the 13th is when I want to have him/think he's coming.  However, at this rate, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to sign in and work on Monday...and answer all the questions about why I haven't had this baby yet!!!

I'm also having to deal with this "how long will they let you go over your due date?" question.  I don't like that question because it implies that I'm not in charge of this birth or my body.  He can't stay in there forever, right?  He'll come when he's ready.  And at any point if it's determined that he or I are unsafe, we will discuss my options.

How far along?  40 weeks +1 day...ugh

Weight Gain? I am hovering right about +50lbs.  I am ALL baby at this point, so I am taking advantage and eating high calorie foods...maybe that's why he won't come out!!  He's so well-fed!

What's up with my Body? I am happy to report that the high for today will be under 80 degrees!  It's beautiful outside.  We have the back doors open and the fans on and we're enjoying some fresh air in this house.

My body is doing okay.  My skin is itchy...really itchy.  I have a hard time walking, squatting, standing, turning over in bed, carrying Sadie, etc.  And I am exhausted ALL.THE.TIME.  But really, in the scheme of things, I'm doing just fine.

I keep thinking I'm having contractions.  I think I'm WILLING myself to have them!!  But I don't feel like anything is happening yet.

Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.  

Emotions: The anticipation is KILLING me!!  I go to bed each night wondering if I'll be woken up by contractions and if tomorrow will be the day.  I'm a roller coaster of happy, grumpy, energetic, tired.  Brian told me he wants me to hurry up and have this baby because I'm not that fun to be around.  Well, no kidding!!  I don't even like being around me that much right now!!

Baby name: It's official, he has a name.  It's been stitched onto his quilt from Grammy.  And it's a KICK-ASS name!!

Best moment of the week: We went swimming yesterday.  It felt so good to get in the water, and Sadie LOVED it (of course, my little water baby).  It was still 90 degrees yesterday too, so it was really nice!

What I'm looking forward to: I just  want to hold my little baby.  I want to know if his hair is red.  I want to see his wrinkly little newborn face.  I want to nurse him and feel that Mommy-baby bond.  And I REALLY want my body back!!

40 weeks!!!  Is that a baby or a basketball in my tummy??!!!

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