Monday, October 22, 2012

Ezra's newborn check up and Sadie's weigh-in

We took both kids to the doctor today.  It just worked out that Sadie's weigh-in appointment fell at about the time Ezra was due to be it worked out to just come in once.

I'll start with Sadie...

Sadie weighed in at a whopping 36.4 pounds!!!  Back in July when we saw the GI and it was determined that she was losing weight and we needed to change her diet, she weighed 27 pounds.  This means she has gained almost 10 pounds in 4 months.  I sure hope that Dr. Pasternak is happy.  I sure am!  She is back up above the 50th percentile curve and harder than ever to lift!

Speaking of that, both my mom and Brian were able to come with me today, thankfully.  I still can't lift Sadie, and in fact, I visited the midwife this morning because I don't feel like my body is recovering as quickly as it should.  She agreed and told me to do nothing but sit on the couch, eat, and nurse my baby.  It's really hard not to do more than that...especially when both kids need to be taken to the pediatrician.

Then she saw Ezra...

Ezra weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces.  So, in a week he's reached and exceeded his birth weight.  I was actually surprised by this since I was told it would take 2 weeks to get back to his birth weight.  But, we left the hospital at 8 pounds 13 ounces, so he's gained a whole pound in just a week!!  This kid is a good nurser.  We'll go back in about 3 weeks for his 1 month well baby check up and see how much he's gained at that point!

Both kids are healthy and gaining weight appropriately!  Hooray for fat kids!!

Daddy and his babies

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