Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bump Watch - 41 weeks (post partum)

Ezra was born Saturday night October 13 around 8:30pm.  He looks just like his sister, only his hair is darker and there is less of it.  It's not bright red like Sadie's, but it definitely has a reddish tint, and I think it's going to be curly!

He is a sweet baby, and so different than Sadie (just because his brain isn't damaged).  At 5 days old, he can already do more than his sister.  His neck is strong and he can hold his head up pretty well already. He is constantly moving his arms, trying to suck on his fingers/hands, and stretching them up over his head.  He HATES having his diaper changed and screams like it's the end of the world, but other than that he doesn't cry much unless he's hungry.

He weighed over 9lbs at birth, but left the hospital at 8lbs 13oz.  We see Dr. Wendy on Monday and I wouldn't be surprised if he's already back up to his birth weight the way he nurses!!  It's literally all.the.time!!

How old is baby?  Ezra is now 5 days old

Weight Gain? I haven't weighed myself since giving birth.  I still look 4 months pregnant, but it's shrinking daily!

What's up with my Body? My tummy still looks pregnant, which is the worst!!  But I can lean forward without losing my breath!  And I can bend down and pick something up off the floor pretty easily!

My body was pretty wrecked after giving birth and I was in quite a lot of pain for about 24 hours, but it's mostly gone away.  My pelvic bones still hurt in certain positions, and sitting in a hard chair is uncomfortable after a few minutes, but overall, I feel really great!

My swelling is going down.  My mom and I ventured out to Old Navy yesterday (because anything she bought with her Old Navy card was 40% off!) and I wore my maternity jeans and they were actually baggy on me instead of tight!  Hopefully soon I'll be able to put my wedding ring back on!

My milk came in, so my boobs are huge.  We're still getting used to nursing, so my nipples are sore, but this is getting better each day.  

I can't walk very far comfortably, and I can't really lift anything heavy (including Sadie), so I feel pretty helpless.  But I'll get stronger!

I also take like 2 or 3 naps a day.  I am exhausted from being awake all night and my body healing.  It's nice to have help, and to know someone is taking care of Sadie so I can rest.

Emotions: I don't feel like I have post partum depression or anything, but every once in a while I look at Ezra and get choked up, or I remember part of his birth or read comments from people on Facebook and I want to cry...but it's happy tears.

Baby name: Ezra Walter Beck.  Ezra means "great helper" or "God is my help" which is the role he's being born into, he is going to need to be my great helper.  It took us a long time to find the perfect name, but I think we did it!

Best moment of the week: Holding my baby in my arms...finally!!

What I'm looking forward to: Everything!

Sadie meeting her brother for the first time 
Our family of 4 leaving the hospital!


  1. I loved the name and now I love it even more knowing the meaning. It's perfect and so is he. I'm so, so, so happy for you that I have Happy Tears myself! (dang hormones) Love you all. :)

  2. congratulations! love the name!

  3. I just happened across your blog, and so glad I did. What happy, uplifting news, a new baby! And I love his name. Congratulations! You have a beautiful family! I really enjoyed all the pics. Sadie is so beautiful. She reminds me of my Danielle at that age. Even my husband made comment to their likeness. Just want to tell ya, if you ever want to connect with other CP families, please visit us @ Cerebral Palsy Family Network. We have a Resource/Survival Guide with tons of state specific resources that you would find useful and you would be such an inspiration to our families. Looking forward to following your blog and your beautiful family, and when things settle down, we'd be honored if you'd write a guest blog for us on how your adjusting and introduce our families to your family. Again, Congratulations, best of luck, and always, GOD BLESS.