Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bump Watch - 30 Weeks

I got a call Monday morning from one of my midwives telling me the glucose test proved that my sugar was a little elevated and that I needed to come in and do the 3 hour glucose test.  This means, I have to fast, then drink the drink like I did before, then they draw my blood every hour for 3 hours.  Ugh.

Basically because we are currently sharing a car, and really, I have to go in first thing in the morning (because it's easiest to fast overnight), we decided yesterday was my only chance, really for the next 2 weeks!  I was dreading it.  I had nightmares about it.  I worried myself sick over it.

But, it really wasn't that bad.

Okay, it was pretty horrible... but I felt better by the time I left than I did after the 1 hour test.  The drink didn't hit me as hard this time, but then about 15 minutes after the second blood draw (the first after drinking), I got that I'm-gonna-faint-or-throw-up feeling.  It was the same feeling you get after you hike a mountain too fast, or workout hard without eating well first.  They quickly found me a room where I could lay down...that second hour went by quickly as I struggled to make the nausea disappear. 

The thing is you can't eat or drink the whole time... I was dying of thirst by the time I was done!!  But, I felt okay, just hungry and really really thirsty.  Who thinks it's a good idea to not let a pregnant lady eat or drink for 3 hours???  It's like body abuse.  But, whatever, I did we just wait to see if I have gestational diabetes or not.

How far along?  30 weeks!!  yay!!
Weight Gain? I've gained a total of 42lbs so far.  My weight gain is really slowing down this last trimester...that's not a sign of gestational diabetes, is it???
What's up with my Body?  Still really really tired.  It doesn't help that our baby kitty thinks that as soon as the sun starts to come up, it must be time to play.  And I don't mean like he runs around the house... I mean, he does laps on the bed, explores under the covers, and attacks ANYTHING that is moving, including my nostrils.  He's starting to get it that we're not done sleeping so lately he's been patient about it...but he's still up way earlier than us!

When I did the first glucose test, I also asked the midwife to test my blood for CMV.  CMV is a viral infection that pretty much everybody has had in their lifetime, you probably didn't even know it.  But, if you get it when you're pregnant, it can be really bad and dangerous for your baby.  I'm not entirely convinced this isn't what happened with Sadie.  The test showed that I've had CMV, and that I have built up antibodies to it so that I can't get it again.  But there's no telling when I had it.  It also showed that there is no active infection in my body that's good.

My feet are starting to feel the abuse of carrying around an extra 40 pounds.  I'm so thankful that I don't have to be on my feet all day at work.  For the most part, I can sit all day.  However, I wear shoes all the time, and even standing in the kitchen to make dinner is taxing.  The weirdest though is when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, the bottoms of my feet tingle and I limp on the tile.  I think it's time to go get another, I mean pedicure!  

Food Cravings?  Nope.  In fact, it's become a chore just to eat at all.  I have to remind myself to eat regularly.  Except for today when the hunger NEVER subsided, I've sort of lost my appetite.  But I want a lot of water.  Uh this a sign of gestational diabetes???
Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

Emotions: Is it just me, or are the Olympics totally emotional???  When Jordan Weiber lost her chance at the all-around (although I don't worship her like the media does...I think Gabby Douglas is a better gymnast), or when those girls won the gold?  And then when Missy Franklin won her first gold medal in the pool?  She is super cute.  Or when Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian OF.ALL.TIME.?!!  That man is a swimming GOD.  I think I may have even gotten a little teary when those archery guys got the silver instead of the gold.

Best moment of the week: The best news we got this week was concerning Brian's wrecked truck (this bumpdate isn't very much about my pregnancy, is it?!!)  Insurance did decide that it's a total loss, which didn't surprise us.  But what did surprise us is that they valued it at almost twice what we estimated!!  We will hopefully receive a check sometime in the middle of next week and then we can start van shopping! 

I'm a little sad to be giving up my car to Brian who will beat it drive it to death, but I am excited to not have to struggle with getting 2 children in the back of my little VW...and a wheelchair!  It's really a blessing that this accident happened.
What I'm looking forward to: School starts on Tuesday!!  I've spent this last week setting up my classes online and collaborating with my colleagues.  I love my job and I can't wait for the kids to "show up"!
How baby's growing: Baby Beck weighs about 3 pounds now (unless he has gestational diabetes, then he probably weighs more...) and his eyesight is continuing to get better.

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