Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy and Me Monday #12 - The new van!!

You might remember that Brian got into a car accident a couple of weeks ago.  It was annoying, and inconvenient, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Not only did his accident allow us to get a "family vehicle" sooner than expected (which we desperately needed), but since his truck was deemed a total loss, we actually ended up getting a check from the insurance company for twice as much as we expected.  In fact, the amount we got for that truck is more than we probably could have traded it for or sold it for, which put us in a great position to go ahead an buy our van.

We have been saving up since last December when we completely depleted our savings account to buy our house, so we had a good chunk of money, and with the money we got from the insurance company, we were prepared to put down $23,000!!

So, last Thursday night we went off to the Toyota and Honda dealerships to test drive, push buttons, touch stuff, etc.  And after just driving 3 vans, I was in love with the Sienna that was a little out of our price range, but had everything I wanted...and more.  It was late by the time we were done test driving, so we went home and then called the salesman to tell him we'd be back tomorrow to purchase it.

It's beautiful, don't you think?  It has a push-button start (that's what I'm mostly in love with), all the doors are automatic, it has leather interior, and even a navigation system which lets me hook up my phone through blue tooth and see the backup camera when I'm in reverse.  It is amazing.  We found out when we got to look at the carfax that it was previously owned by a Toyota executive, so it was well taken care of, and had all the fancy bells and whistles.  We also learned that what we thought were high miles for a van that was only a year old, weren't.  The van was actually "purchased" in June of 2010, so really it's been driven for 2 years, not one, which puts it at relatively low miles!

We left the dealership REALLY late Friday night.  I had NO IDEA it would take so long to buy a car, so I totally wasn't prepared with food for Sadie, snacks for us, etc.  I was really grumpy and tired and hungry by the time we left.  So, Brian went back on Saturday to ask for a "tour" of the van. 

He met the fleet manager, who showed him way more stuff that we didn't even know it could do!!  It's amazing that I NEVER have to even take my keys out of my purse to activate everything.  Anyway, she also told him that she almost sold this van to someone else on Friday before we came in.  Apparently, some people came in and were trying to purchase it for someone else...but that someone else went into labor and the deal couldn't be closed.  It's like it was meant to be ours (Brian hates when I say things like that because he doesn't believe in fate, but I totally do).

So, if you see me on the road now, I'll totally be the pregnant mommy driving the Swagger Wagon.

This is totally us...well, sort of! haha

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  1. whoohoo!!! swagger wagon! my baby is in the shop - its a crossover SUV - and right now I have the van. I gotta say for some reason it makes me feel lamer then my SUV....i need to embrace the awesomeness I think! LOL

    glad to be a new follower from mommy and me monday (a week late almost!) LOL

  2. Yay for a van. We went with the Honda...and it sure does take forever to buy a car. It's cray.