Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bump Watch - 31 weeks

I guess I should start off this post by saying that I DO NOT have gestational diabetes.  I went and did that horrible 3 hour glucose test.  I almost fainted and threw up, I had to lay down for the second hour.  But, I'm told that I cleared it!  It sort of makes me wonder if, since my body isn't used to that much sugar even in a day, if I just had a hard time processing it because I don't usually do it???

Anyway, sugar gives me MASSIVE heartburn, and since this whole gestation diabetes thing, I've decided that it's just not worth it.  I can go without sugar.  And I'm cutting down on my carbs...which weren't TOO badly out of control!

We saw the midwife this week at our group appointment.  This week was about breastfeeding.  We were supposed to go around the circle and talk about if we were breastfed as a baby and if we plan on breastfeeding our baby.  Then, if this isn't our first kid, they wanted to know about our previous experience.  We were about half way around the circle, and as it got closer and closer to our turn, I felt myself getting emotional.  By the time it was my turn to talk, I couldn't hold it back, so I just didn't even try.  I bawled through a short version of my story about Sadie being tube fed when she came home from the NICU, and then teaching her how to nurse (against the recommendations of our nurse).  I saw a couple of other teary faces in the room.  If you haven't read our breastfeeding story, you can read it here.

Anyway, I don't know why, but I'm a little nervous about nursing this time.  Brian tells me that if I nursed Sadie I will have no problem...but the unknown is always scary.  And there seem to be so many things that can go wrong.  I just want so badly to make it work and I don't want it to be unpleasant, but beautiful and bonding, like it was with Sadie.  Luckily, I have a husband who is very supportive and encouraging.  And the lady who came and spoke to us offers help (as well as do our midwives), plus we learned that the new Affordable Care Act pays for lactation services and breastfeeding support.  So, that's cool!

How far along?  31 weeks!!  yay!!

Weight Gain? I actually think I'm down weight this week.  When I weighed myself this morning (aren't you proud of me for remembering to weigh myself on a Thursday?), I weighed just barely +41lbs.  I don't think that's good...  At the midwife on Tuesday, however, I had gained 2.6 pounds since my last appointment.  So, I guess I won't worry about it.

What's up with my Body?  My body is big, and it's acting big.  And it's hot outside.  Temperatures this week have been in the 100-and-teens.  This makes me tired, and thirsty, and hot, and not really very hungry.  However, I have been noticing my skin being particularly itchy in places that tend to sweat all day.  

But this pregnancy is finally showing signs that it's different than my first.  At first, they didn't seem to different, but now they totally are.

1. With Sadie my skin cleared up magically.  No zits.  With this one, no such luck.

2. With Sadie I was very uncomfortable at night and couldn't sleep very well, especially on my back.  This time, I am having no trouble sleeping, it feels good to lay down.  I'm starting to struggle when I try to get out of bed in the night to pee, but I can even lay on my back fairly comfortably this time.

3. With Sadie my round ligaments hurt so badly that we'd go for a walk and half way around the block I was in so much pain I practically had to crawl home.  With this one, I've had a little round ligament pain on the right side (that's the hip that I had major surgery on when I was 19) when I sit a certain way or twist funny, but nothing like when I was pregnant with Sadie.

4. I'm carrying this one differently.  Sadie was all up in my space a the top.  My torso is long and she stretched it out and used all the space she could.  This little guy who's in there now is comfy all down at the bottom (on my bladder).  I feel like an old man who has a giant gut that hangs over his pants.

5. With Sadie it was salty and high fatty foods that gave me heartburn.  I had to completely say no to peanuts, it wasn't worth the pain.  With this one, it's sugar... it's much harder to say no to chocolate and popsicles.  But it's so painful, that I've finally reached that point.

Food Cravings?  I've been wanting a lot of fruit.  I think it's because I've cut way back on the sweets, so this quenches my craving without giving me heartburn.  This whole pregnancy though, I haven't really wanted anything weird.

Right now there is chilli "brewing" in the crockpot and my house smells SO I'm totally wanting that!

Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

Emotions: Still super emotional.  About everything.  My friend, who is pregnant and was waiting for test results that were VERY SERIOUS just told me today that everything is okay with her baby and I started bawling uncontrollably!  I am glad it was just me and Sadie, and that she didn't tell me in person or over the phone or something...she probably would have thought I was crazy.

Actually, tonight we start our adventure of buying a new van, and I will probably cry when we find the perfect one!! haha.

Baby name: So, we had found a name that we both liked, so we just kept it under our hats for a while... but I was starting to not like it.  My cousin had a baby last week and she named him my Grandmother's maiden name, Jett.  I thought this was SO GENIUS!  So, I told Brian that I was starting to not like the name we were thinking of, and that my cousin's genius naming talent has me thinking about family names more.  Brian HATES my first choice...but we may have found another one that I love and Brian, well, he doesn't hate it.  So, to all of you who I've told about our first name choice...that's no longer our first choice.  

This baby will be lucky if he gets a name when he's born!

Best moment of the week: Finding out that I don't have gestational diabetes.  Actually, my friend's news that she just told me might trump any good news I've heard all year!!

What I'm looking forward to: A new van!!!  And not having to bend over and heave Sadie into the car!!!  (Now that we've upped her calorie intake significantly she is gaining weight like a champ and she's HEAVY!)

How baby's growing: Baby Beck weighs as much as 4 navel oranges and is heading into a growth spurt (better stock up my fridge with good food!!).  He can turn his head from side to side and is practicing all this moving and shaking.  This is very apparent especially at night when I lay down or first thing early in the morning.

Let's talk about these pictures (other than I'm making a weird face in the middle picture).  On the left I'm pregnant with Sadie 30.5 weeks, on the right I'm pregnant with Sadie 31.5 weeks.  And the middle one was taken today.  My belly is so much rounder this time around, it looks more like I have a ball in my shirt.


I did want to go on record that there is NOT a ball in my's actually my belly!  Oh, and see what I mean about it looking like a old fat man's gut hanging over his pants?  It even jiggles when I laugh (like a bowl full of jelly!).

...and you're welcome for cleaning the mirror first this time.

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  1. Glad you like the name Jett! I went all the way back through the Barnes family tree looking for names...I didn't find much that I liked for a boy except Jett. Baby Jett's middle name Lawrence is Dom's dad who died when Dom was 18. Our girl name we had picked out was the opposite, the first name was from Dom's maternal side and the middle was from my maternal side. I really like that no matter what, I won't just one day wake up and be like ugh, I hate my kid's name! Funny enough Dan and Mandy and us just happened to be in Oregon at the time that I was going through the Barnes tree and Mandy said that Jett was their boy name they had picked out too! They just never got to use it obviously!

    Good luck with the name, we had SO much trouble but at some point it just happened and names sort of fell into our lap.

    Can't believe you're already at 31 weeks!