Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hand Splints Update Aug. 1

It's the beginning of a new month (already!!) and so it's time to update/document Sadie's progress with her hand splints.  Here are the previous pictures, so you can compare...

June 1 - after wearing them for one day
June 9
July 1 - after wearing hand splints for 1 month

Check out that left hand!!!  (July 8)

July 31

July 31
That left hand is amazingly open.  And actually, in the evenings, she really tries to play with her button.  The night before I took these pictures, she was fingering it...and her hand went straight there as soon as we started giving her her medicine through her tube.  However, that right hand still wants to be closed.  It's not a fist so much, like it used to's a relaxed closed.  But she definitely doesn't use her right hand as much.  By the way, she sat with her hands like this for HOURS.

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