Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dry Apples: A photo essay

I dedicate this photo essay to Victor, who always encourages me to be adventurous in the kitchen, and to take pictures of it all!

My big box of apples, each layer has 20 apples, there are probably 5 or 6 do the math!
Washed and ready to go!

The first 3 trays are just plain apples.
The next 2 have cinnamon sprinkled on them.
The 2 after that are coated/dipped in honey-sugar water!
And the last two trays are plain again.

All loaded and ready to go. Now we just have to sit and 12 hours!


  1. goodness that's a HUGE food dehydrator!! you may have to invest in the apple/slicer/corer/peeler from pampered chef to do your next batch of apples!! i know it helps speed up the process for me..but seriously, where'd you get that dehydrator?? :o) pam

  2. maybe that's what we need for Christmas *wink wink*

    We bought it off the can get anything off the internet!! Actually this is the one that we read was top of the line and recommended by baby food websites. It does all sorts of neat stuff, and we got last year's model so it was like 40% off!

  3. I agree with Pam! That puts my dehydrator to shame.

    Good for you to take a chance. Homemade and freshmade is AWAYS better than mystery store bought. :D

  4. i am having some serious envy over that is being added to my list of kitchen tools.