Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peeling a Banana

One can see that our banana plant has enjoyed the new growth through the hot summer, but along with new growth has come some scorched leaves. This probably lends easily to some metaphor for Sadie, but I figure that's somewhat trite and know that we can do better.

I had a pretty awful experience at work with a customer who went out of her way to make my life miserable and I considered writing how a new child makes parents wish to eradicate all of the evil in the world, and running into an abomination of humanity tests every fiber in my body to take the high road and be a model for my daughter.

Instead, what I want to write about is an outstanding conversation I had with a co-worker upon his dropping me off at the air pot. I had a business trip to Las Vegas from Wednesday to Friday. The weekend following was labor day weekend. I had spent the trip avoiding the sensory overload of Las Vegas and did not put a dime in any casino or partake in any debauchery that the city seems to offer all of its guests. As my co-worker dropped me off at the airport, he said: count the working girls coming off of the plane.

So, while sitting in my gate I strategically picked a seat facing the exit tunnel of a plane and counted the girls who exited the plane alone, endowed in a manner that God did not intend, with a fierce look upon their face.


Heretofore I was unaware how important these may be for fathers.

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