Monday, September 6, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good day. For starters I got to sleep almost 6 hours BY. MYSELF. without a warm, wiggly baby cuddled up against me preventing me from moving and getting comfortable. Unfortunately, at 2:30 she DID come sleep with me, and then woke up at 5:30. But I felt okay enough to get up around 6...which is the first time in the last 3 days that I actually felt rested!

Sadie was in such a good mood this morning when she woke up (as she usually is), so I decided it's time to do this solid food thing. For real. I put Sadie in her high chair, nuked some heart shaped frozen banana cubes (with a little breastmilk mixed in, of course) and then sat down and ate my own bowl of cereal. I have this crazy idea that if Sadie sees me/us eating at the table, she'll learn that that's what we want her to do also. Pay no mind that we're still not sure what she can actually see. But she watched me eat, then she ate the ENTIRE serving of bananas I made her. So maybe it works.

When we tried solid foods a month ago I had to practically WIPE the spoon off in Sadie's mouth, then most of it would come out via tongue-thrusting, and I'd scoop it up and reapply. And she did okay like this until one day she just stopped trying altogether. This morning, however, she was able to close her mouth around the spoon and actually suck the bananas off and swallow them...with minimal mess. I was amazed how far she's come in just 1 month, and we haven't even been practicing.

Another reason we sort of took a break from solids was the constipation. When we first gave her squash it took 4 days before we saw poop. And she was a VERY unhappy baby up until that wonderful day we finally smelled it. It took the bananas 5 days! This morning I gave her a lot of water after she finished her bananas in hopes that it'll speed up the process and make it less painful...for everyone.

I also did some wheat grinding today. I ground (by hand) more wheat than I ever have in one "sitting"...5 cups!! It was 30 minutes of sweaty, muscle-burning, mouth-breathing grinding. But it was SSSOOOOOO worth it when that bread came out of the oven that I made! Also along the lines of bread, I learned how to manipulate the bread machine into kneading my dough for me, but I did everything else by hand. I'm thinking I like making bread better this way and now I want a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Brian thinks I'm crazy because I've already asked for a food dehydrator. But both my birthday AND Christmas are coming up!

Brian fixed my car this morning. Ever since we returned from California it's been rattling. We accidentally hit some debris on the freeway somewhere near Riverside and I think that's what caused it. But he fixed it, and now it doesn't rattle. So instead of a super ghetto rattly car, only the brakes squeak now, so it's just a little bit ghetto. Also in car news, I asked Brian if we get a bunch of money from winning our lawsuit against the pharmacy if we could buy a van. He wasn't opposed to it, which is HUGE! PS. we're calling a lawyer in the morning.

Later in the afternoon Grandpa came over (Sadie's grandpa, not mine) and took Sadie in the swimming pool. This is what he does when he comes over: He holds Sadie while running all over the pool killing the wasps that land there. He lines up the dead wasps in a row on the pool deck and then counts them up and brags about how many "kills" he has. It's fun for them. They bond over death, I guess.

We got to go to the nursery and buy seeds while they were in the pool. In Arizona you have a summer growing season and a winter season (since the winters here are AWESOME) and it's just about time to plant for winter. We decided to go the seed route this time to expand our options a little from just the starters they sell at The Home Depot. We got carrots, that are different colors. We also got broccoli, lettuce, leeks, peas, and spinach. We can't wait to start our little seedlings and watch them grow.

Speaking of watching things grow, this summer we tried growing eggplant. As of now it's the only thing left alive in the garden. Brian picked about 34 eggplants this morning!! Mind you, I'm not that crazy about eggplant, and beyond eggplant parmesan and ratatouille, there's not much else you can do with them. Anybody want some eggplant? No seriously.

Brian made something called Pasta Alla Norma for dinner. It was like spaghetti with eggplant marinara and it was pretty good! My dad stayed for dinner and between the 3 of us we polished off a whole loaf of my yummy fresh bread from earlier with our eggplant pasta.

Finally, I conquered my diaper stink problem. Since we have SUPER hard water, it creates a build-up on Sadie's cloth diapers and they were REALLY starting to stink! Even fresh pee wreaked of ammonia. Now those of you who use disposables might be used to stinky dipes (we constantly think Sadie's poopy when she's in a disposable) but we're not, and we don't like it. I also think my recent detergent switch may have caused some build-up leading to the great stink. So I did some research online about it (which consisted of checking cloth diapering forums and asking my facebook friends) and then I washed the dipes like normal last night. This morning I washed them again with a little vinegar and no soap, then I hung them out to dry for most of the day. Voila! NO. MO'. STINK!

Today was probably the best Labor Day I've ever had, and that's good because Sadie and I have a couple of really busy weeks. This week we have 2 doctor appointments, 5 therapies (one of which is something new we're trying, music therapy with a harpist!) and a birthday party. Next week we have 2 doctor appointments 4 therapies, 2 La Leche League meetings, and a visit from a social worker! Hopefully the week after that we'll have less car riding! Someday Sadie WILL be able to ride in the car without glass-shattering screaming. And in case you're wondering...I'm still running!!!

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