Friday, September 17, 2010

The sweetest thing I've ever witnessed

For any of you who know my husband personally, you know he's a likable guy. If you've ever let him play with your children, you know that they were probably asking when they could play with him again. Children LOVE Brian. But today I saw the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Brian took the day off and joined me at the Foundation for Blind Children Infant Program this morning. He met a lady I've only sort of met, but who I know of through Sadie's OT. Her daughter has microcephaly, and we learned this morning she had been born at 24 weeks! (miracle baby) While we were talking to her, Brian asked if he could hold Aliyah. Even special needs kids like Brian. Immediately her face lit up in a big grin. And while I was still talking to her mom, I kept one eye on Brian and Aliyah. He was telling her how pretty she is and how special she is and then HE. KISSED. HER!!!

My husband, who never even held a baby until we had one of our own, is the sweetest man alive!

This totally made my day.

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