Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poison Control

I've taken the food-handlers test. Twice. And passed it both times. But for some reason I am unable to safely prepare food for my family. I could blame it on baby brain, or on lack of sleep, but really it was pure negligence. I poisoned myself. And Brian.

Monday was such a good day! I made myself this "family notebook" to organize myself and keep track of doing chores and menus and things. I was so excited about it. And Sadie's been so good too, that I'm finally finding time (and energy) to clean things that I haven't cleaned for months (like the floors. side note: I was going to mop today until I realized the mop is outside still from the last time we mopped, and it hasn't been washed, and it's full of cob webs and growing mold. I'm such a bad housekeeper!). We went to therapy Monday morning and there was NO CAR SCREAMING both ways. Man, it was a good day!!

The night before I had taken some chicken out of the freezer to thaw for dinner, but the problem was that I forgot to actually PUT it in the refrigerator. It only made it so far as the counter. And there it sat all night. You see where this is going?

Immediately after dinner I felt sick. And I just thought it was because what I made was greasier than we normally eat (ew. just thinking about it is making me nauseated all over again), but then it never went away. And I fell asleep with Sadie on the couch and dragged her and myself to bed around 9:00. That's when it started. I can't really say I puked all night, because this was really the only time I had anything to puke up. But with each time it just got more and more horrible.

Then about my third time getting up at night, Brian got up too. It had to be the chicken.

The next day I could barely drag myself out of bed, but my body ached so badly that I couldn't lay there any longer either. I tried to shower and take Sadie to therapy, but I ended up taking my shower sitting down because I was too weak to stand up. I had to cancel everything. And I felt like such a bad mother because Sadie just laid on the floor all day. It was all I could do to change her diaper (which didn't happen often enough, I'll admit), and feed her (which I am amazed that my body could handle). We slept on and off all day long, me, Brian, and Sadie.

It was horrible.

I can't wait to tell you more about Sadie's new therapy though! She is doing so well! She's sleeping (independently), opening and using her hands, she's loose in the hips and shoulders, she doesn't cry all day long, and she smiles a lot more!! Stay tuned for pictures too!!

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