Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Most kids have a nickname given to them by their parents. Some call their little men "Bubba." Some call their daughters "Baby Girl." I had a friend in middle school whose parents called her "Woo." She hated it. My mom calls me "Honey Bun" and my brother is "Sugar Bear"...and these are interchangeable as needed.

We think Sadie needs a nickname and we need your help deciding what to call her when Sadie or Sades just isn't enough.

Names we've experimented with:
Little Sucker

Her grammy calls her Poppet (this sorta reminds me though of that creepy pirate in Pirates of the Carribean, the first one, at the beginning when they kidnap the girl)

I like Little Britches

Her grandpa calls her Kickstart (because she's always kicking just one leg! ha!)

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  1. I like Sadie-bug but you didn't have it on there so I put Doodlebug which was my 2nd favorite :)