Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bump Watch - 27 weeks

Alright!  As of yesterday I am 3 months away from baby...God willing.  I have a friend who is 39 weeks pregnant with her second baby.  Her first baby came early, so at this point, having gone PAST when the first one would have been born, she's really struggling!  And it's hot, and she just wants to be un-pregnant.  I'm glad Sadie came late, so I won't have that expectation! haha.  Although I will PRAISE GOD if this baby comes early.

It's crazy to think of my friends who had micro-preemies, whose babies were born as early as now (or even earlier).  Technology is amazing that it can help babies survive when they are born so early.  However, I plan on keeping this one in until the bitter end!

How far along?  27 weeks - my last week of my second trimester!!

Weight Gain?  I forgot to weigh myself this morning!!  I went to bed thinking I needed to remember to weigh myself in the morning...but then when I woke up I was hungry to the point that I felt sick (and I should weigh myself BEFORE I eat).  So, I forgot.  oops.

What's up with my Body?  When I sleep, sometimes my arms/hands go numb.  Only when I sleep on my side.  And it's only my top arm.  It's weird because I'll lay like that all night and be fine, then at one point I just can't anymore, my top arm goes numb.  I remember this happening when I was pregnant before, so I'm not's just annoying.

My skin is itchy, especially on my tummy.  Somebody told me that after not seeing me for 3 or 4 days, I looked bigger.  So, I must be growing and stretching and that's why my skin is itchy.

This baby is low, way lower than Sadie (I'll have some comparison pictures in weeks to come!), so he sits on my bladder.  Peeing becomes necessary immediately when I stand up otherwise it's weird.

Clothes: I got a new bra!!  It's crazy that this is the best thing that's happened to me all week, but seriously it's so comfortable and was totally worth the money!

Food Cravings?  I went to the grocery store today and walked out of there with $80 worth of groceries and 2/3 of it was produce.  Not to mention the watermelon that cost me $1.21!!  I think because it's so hot, fruits and veggies sound refreshing.  Maybe because they have more water in them?  Maybe because they're un-processed?  I don't know, I still crave some salt, some cereal, and some chocolate at certain times of the day...but mostly it's grapes and cantaloupe and watermelon that I want.

Sleeping:  The last couple of nights I've slept like a ROCK.  Apparently last night there was a storm.  My neighbor texted me this morning to say she was up all night because the thunder scared the dog.  I had NO.IDEA there was a storm, let alone thunder and lightning!  Wow.  That's some good sleep... without numb hands.

Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

Names? We finally found a name that we both like.  But then I told my Mother in law, and she brought up some good points we hadn't thought about concerning this name... so we still like it (she can call him Bill or Buddy or Mac...points for the obscure song reference?), but we're open to the possibility that there might be a better name still out there.  I'm open to suggestions, people!!

Actually the other night, I pulled up a name website and just read through lists and lists of names while Brian shot down EVERY SINGLE ONE.  ugh.

Best moment of the week: Sadie is learning to pee on the potty!!  Today is our third day of operation pee in the potty, and Sadie is 3 for 3.  I think she is starting to understand that when she sits on the potty she is supposed to pee.  I'm convinced that she knows how to hold it, so I'm hoping she's also learning how to release it on demand.  Either way, I'm sure we have a long road ahead of us and I'm not looking forward to her being out of diapers anytime soon.  But we've started the long road, and that's a big deal for us!

What I'm looking forward to: I'm actually looking forward to getting bigger.  Right now I'm pretty big, but I'm at that awkward in-between stage.  I'm ready for this boy to grow grow grow so he'll be big and fat and healthy when he's born!  This IS my last week of my second trimester, after all!!

How baby's growing: He's about the size of a head of cauliflower...which is funny because we have a head of cauliflower in our fridge and I know EXACTLY how big that is!!  He's establishing sleep cycles (sleeping now...will be awake and doing acrobatics later when I want to go to sleep!), and his brain is very active, even though his lungs are still very immature.  

Don't mind my wife's HOT outside!!

27 weeks

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