Monday, July 16, 2012

Mommy and Me #10 - the vibrating chair

Our neighbor is awesome.  She works with special needs kids.  Her job mostly is to train them when they get communication devices and she works with the electronics and stuff.  But, she loves Sadie.

The other day, I came home from running errands and Brian and Sadie were nowhere to be found.  I figured they were probably next door visiting Cindy (she also has a fig tree that we're interested in).  I went over there, and they had Sadie sitting in this Homedics vibrating massage chair and she was loving it.

So, Cindy told us to take it home and "permanently" borrow it.

Okay, so maybe I had other motives for bringing a vibrating massage chair into my home when I'm 6 months pregnant... but Sadie still thinks it's fun!!


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