Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Hand Splints Experiment - 1 month

A month ago I posted pictures of Sadie's hands after 1 day of wearing her new hand splints, then what they looked like a week later. (You can find that post here.)

It's now been a month and I want to update everyone on her progress.

June 1 - after wearing them for one day
June 9
July 1 - after wearing hand splints for 1 month
I want to note in this last picture that, I've explained before, Sadie's spasticity is situational.  Right now she's working on those last molars and she's in quite a bit of pain.  She has been pretty tense the last week or so.  I tried my best to relax her before I took this picture (hence the smile), but I am going to say that maybe the teething has caused her not to advance as much as we'd like.  Still, some days are better than others...and today's not a great day.

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