Monday, July 9, 2012

Mommy and Me #9 - Yuri the kitten

We brought home Sadie's kitten this week.  He's cute.  He's little.  He's crazy!!  If I had half the energy this little kitten has, I'd get so much done!!  His favorite thing is to run around in circles, chase his tail, pounce on things, attack things, and put everything in his mouth.  He is so curious and so brave, and his ultimate goal in life is to be best friends with Barney (our big, old man cat).  He follows Barney around, he tries to play with Barney's tail, he gets in Barney's face...and Barney is NOT having it.  

But Barnes is a nice cat, so he growls and hisses and meows at him...but he'd never hurt Yuri.  It's just so funny to watch (and narrate)!  They'll get used to each other, and once we get Yuri neutered, I think Barney will be more accepting of him.

We really want him to be Sadie's best friend.  And he's slowly getting used to her.  He'll at least walk to her, or sniff her (which he wouldn't do in the beginning...why is it that cats are instinctively afraid of toddlers???).  Today, Sadie was laying under her toy bar, where her toys hang down and she can bat at them and stuff, and Brian said he saw Yuri over there with her and he'd bat the toy and Sadie would get excited.  It was like they were playing together!!  Hopefully he'll be able to get more and more comfortable with her.

We've only had him for 4 days, so I'm sure he'll get more and more used to all our craziness.  Right now he's just still exploring...EVERYTHING.

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  1. Kitteh!! Your daughter is beautiful!!!

  2. So cute that Yuri was playing w Sadie! I'm sure there is more of that to come. She's too cute to Not be his best friend :)

  3. Oh, what a cute kitty...that is so sweet they were playing together.