Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Potty Log - Week 2

Day 8 - Tuesday July 17

It took a while for Sadie to pee on the potty this morning.  After not going at all yesterday, I wondered if we were having a little set back.  We read The Jungle Book, and it wasn't until Mowgli was safe inside the man-village that I finally heard her go pee!!

About an hour and a half later, we were getting ready to go to the pool for physical therapy, so we sat on the potty again.  When I took off her diaper it was DRY.  Completely dry.  So, we sat, read half of Pinocchio, and peed again.  Then I put the same diaper back on her.  When we got to the pool it was still dry.

How cool would it be if Sadie could wear the same diaper all day???  ...new goal.

Day 9 - Wednesday July 18

We didn't have any pee in the potty today.  Sadie is usually hooked up to a slow drip of water overnight, but something happened and her water didn't deliver.  So, her diaper was practically dry when she woke up, and there was no pee on the potty when we sat down.

Later, we tried again, but still no pee...however, then when I went to change her diaper a few hours later, it was FULL!!  I felt kind of yucky today, so we only tried those two times.

Day 10 - Thursday July 19

Sadie had pee only first thing in the morning today.  And that was only after we read the WHOLE story and I told her "it's now or never."

She's been having a REALLY hard time with that last molar cutting through, so we only sat on the potty one other time today, and we had no success.

Day 11 - Friday July 20

We tried twice today and had no pee.  But, like I said before, Sadie's been having a tough time with that last tooth, plus we've changed her diet, so she's having some digestive issues, so I didn't really expect that we'd be that successful.

In fact, I've been thinking that maybe we should take a break from potty training until we're done with that tooth.

Day 12 - Saturday July 21

We're definitely taking a break until Sadie gets over this tooth.  We'll still sit on the potty first thing in the morning, because that's easy to remember and it fits into our schedule well.  And we might sit one other time during the day, but I'm not going to worry about making sure she gets there everyday at specific times.  Right now, we're all trying to stay sane, rock all day without getting cramps in my hamstrings, and feed Sadie without too much drama.

I'm encouraged to know that Sadie CAN do it... when she's in a happy place.  No hurry, many parents of typical kids aren't even starting to think about potty training.  Like with everything else, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

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