Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bump Watch - 29 weeks

Okay, so I know this is late... I was 29 weeks on Thursday and it's now Saturday.  But Thursday I got lost in a little project for work.  Check this out.

Then Brian got in a car accident on his way home, and that totally messed up my evening.  He's okay, no injuries, he was going slow enough.  But we're not sure his truck is going to survive.  We're kind of hoping, actually, that insurance totals it so we can buy a new van!

I did my 28 week glucose test on Monday.  Let me just start out by saying that last time I was pregnant, I got to eat candy bars a half hour before my appointment, then I just went in and they drew my blood.  This time, because it's more of a traditional doctor's office (even though it's midwives), I had to drink the glucose drink.  I was instructed to eat a high protein breakfast (eggs) and no carbs or sugar, then come in and do the test right after.  

Drinking 50g of sugar in less than 5 minutes made me feel really sick.  Then she took my blood!!  I had planned to hit the grocery store on my way home... I'm lucky I made it home safely, or without throwing up!!  

But after the sugar HIGH, I tanked.  My blood sugar dropped so drastically that for about an hour, I struggled to keep my eyes open!  I drank the stuff at like 7:00 in the morning, and it wasn't until almost 2:00 in the afternoon that I felt like myself again...and then I went to the grocery store.

Grocery Store Checker: How much longer do you have? (gesturing toward my belly)

Me: Oh, I'm not even close, I still have 3 months (I say begrudgingly... I guess it's not as bad as when you have to answer that your due date was LAST week!)

GSC: Oh my gosh, you're going to have the hottest most miserable summer EVER!!

What I wanted to say: Thanks, that's helpful.  It's not like I am already uncomfortable, tired, and sweaty all the time, to remind me that this sucks.  *breaks down in tears*

Me: I know!  I'm going to have a baby... just in time for the weather to cool off.  At least I can stay inside all day in the air conditioning, it might be worse if I was actually nursing in this weather.

How far along?  29 weeks - What?!  I'm almost to 30!!

Weight Gain? I keep forgetting to weigh myself.  I am one of those people who likes to lay in bed and pretend I'm sleeping before I actually wake up and get myself out of bed.  Or sometimes I just lay there and mentally prepare for my day.  And almost everyday I think to myself, "I need to weigh myself as soon as I get up,"  then I get up and I forget...doh!  One of these days I will have a weight update, I promise.

What's up with my Body?  I am tired.  I am so tired.  I hope it's just the baby going through a growth spurt and not something else more serious!!  How can I not worry when I have the history that I do?

My tummy is tight, like the skin is tight because this baby is stretching me and growing big inside me.  It's sort of uncomfortable, but not in a way that really hurts.

It's getting harder and harder to pick up something off the floor.  If I drop something, it becomes a dilemma as to if it's worth it for me to bend all the way over to pick it up.  I wouldn't blame you, either, if you saw me bend down and you laughed...I probably look pretty funny!!

Sleeping is still good for the most part.  I'm not as physically uncomfortable as I was with Sadie.  I just feel big and heavy, but my ligaments feel okay and I can mostly still lay on my back and breathe okay.  I do get up to go to the bathroom 4-6 times a night, but I can usually just go right back to sleep, so it's not a big deal.  

Food Cravings?  Smoothies.  Holy moly, when it's 100+ degrees outside all I want is frozen fruit mixed with juice in the blender!!!  So refreshing.

Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

Emotions: I'm kind of all over the place, but a new emotion that has sort of cropped up is fear.  I'm afraid of a similar birth experience full of trauma and unknown horrible-ness.  But I'm also afraid of having a normal baby... I don't know what to do with a normal baby!!  I'm afraid that something is going to go wrong and he won't be able to breastfeed.  I'm afraid we're going to make the wrong decision about circumcision.  I'm afraid I'll have the baby before my mom arrives.  All this fear, which is totally unfounded, is just cropping up, and it's taking all my energy to keep it smushed down and not think about all the what-ifs.

Best moment of the week: This week I went to help my asst. principal train some new teachers.  One of the teachers I sat with and helped learn our online program just had a baby 6 weeks ago.  After we started talking, we learned that she used our same midwives.  She told me that Janice, who is the midwife who caught her baby, actually saved her from having a C-section.  I liked hearing this.  She said there was some distress, but that Janice was calm and trusted that Jen could deliver this baby without intervention...and what do you know?  She did!!  When I asked her what she named him, she said his name is Elias.  That is one of the names I really like...but she's the second person now who has named her newborn Elias, so I guess it's out.  Anyway, Jen was maybe going to be an English teacher (with me), but she's also certified in History, so they moved her over to that department.  I'm kind of bummed I won't be working with her directly, but still excited to have made a new friend!

What I'm looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to having this baby!  The more and more I feel him kicking around in there, the more I wonder what he'll be like after he's born.

How baby's growing: His muscles and lungs continue to develop and his head is growing to make room for his giant brain that he's going to have!!  And this week he's the size of a butternut squash (which reminds me, we have one of those sitting on the counter that needs to be cut up and cooked for Sadie!).  He also needs a lot of calcium right now for his growing bones...which might be why I've been craving milk and cheese so much this week!!

29 weeks!

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