Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Potty Log - Week 1

We started sitting Sadie on the potty last week.  It started out going really well...then Daddy got involved, and Sadie doesn't want to go when Daddy's with her for some reason!!  So, here's what's up!

Day 1 - Tuesday July 10.

We bought Sadie a little Baby Bjorn potty at Target last night.  It's red.  This seems to work better than putting her on the big toilet because she can put her feet on the floor.  It's also nice because we can set up one of her wooden benches in front of her and she can lean on it (like she does when she sits in the Happy Chair or anything else).  Then, that frees me up a little and I don't have to support her so much, so we can read a book!!

We started this morning right out of bed.  We read Cinderella and just as I was saying that they lived Happily Ever After, there was pee!!!  So happy.

After lunch, I waited about a half hour and sat Sadie on the potty again.  This time we got about half way through a story and there was pee!  I'm so proud of how well she's doing... even if it's just about timing more than anything.  She's still doing it, and she gets so happy when I get all excited about her pee!

We sat again a couple more times, but there were no results.  That's okay, we'll go again tomorrow.

Day 2 - Wednesday July 11

Again we had pee first thing this morning, but no other times throughout the day.  Sadie sat on the potty 3 times today and only went that once.

Day 3 - Thursday July 12

Sadie peed again first thing in the morning.  And it was pretty immediate.  It's almost like she knows that as soon as she sits, she's supposed to go.  When didn't even get to read a story, I think I said, "Once upon a time..." and then there was pee!

Sadie peed for the first time with Chelsea (respite caregiver aka. babysitter) today.  That's a big deal, because she's only ever peed for me.  Chelsea did say though that like 2 minutes after they were done, and Sadie had her diaper back on, she pooped.  Chelsea felt like, if they had just sat there another few minutes...  But I'm not sure Sadie's ready to poop on the potty yet.  I think that might be a while still.

She sat on the potty 4 times today and went pee every single time!

Day 4 - Friday July 13

This morning Sadie peed on the potty first thing like yesterday.  It was immediate, she sat, she peed, we got on with our morning.  That was between 8:30 and 9:00 sometime.

Later, after she ate her lunch, I didn't get to put her on the potty as soon as I'd like.  I was on the phone and it was noon before I was able to get her in there.  I was SHOCKED that her diaper was practically DRY!  After 3 hours?!!!  I sat her on the potty and she immediately peed.  It was almost like she'd be holding it because she knew she should pee in the potty!

Later that night, Daddy joined us for the potty routine so he can start joining in on the fun!

Day 5 - Saturday July 14

This was Daddy's first time putting Sadie on the potty all by himself.  Sadie doesn't like it when Daddy's in there.  She screams, and he takes her off the potty.

The only pee Sadie had in the potty today was first thing in the morning with Mama.

Day 6 - Sunday July 15

Our schedule is totally screwed up on the weekends.  Daddy's home, Mama runs errands and goes out, etc.  Sadie sat on the potty 4 or 5 times today, but only went once.

Day 7 - Monday July 16

Our schedule was thrown off today by having a doctor's appointment at 9:20am.  Not to mention, Sadie woke up WAY TOO EARLY!!  We had no pee on the potty today... we're lucky we just survived the day at all!!

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