Friday, June 17, 2011

The Harp Lady

This morning Sadie and I had a visit from "the harp lady" as we so affectionately call her. Her name is really Jocelyn and she works for Hospice of the Valley. She comes to play for us and do music therapy with Sadie via a grant that Hospice of the Valley got. She's been coming for months, and even if she didn't play her beautiful harp and sing songs, I'd still love her visits because she is one of those people that just lights up the room when she walks in, and instantly you feel better when you see her!

She's been here 5 or 6 times, but today was the first time Sadie wasn't screaming. The first couple of times she came, Sadie just screamed the whole time while Jocelyn played. I think the music was more for Brian and I at that point!! Then we had some marginally screamy visits, ones where as long as I was bouncing or rocking her, she'd be okay. But, this morning was different.

Jocelyn came over and played her harp for about a half hour. In the past, she's only played really soothing music, but today she sang itsy-bitsy spider and twinkle little star to Sadie. I was in the other room on the phone, but I swear I also heard how much is that doggie in the window!! What a fun song! Then she got down on the floor with Sadie, who was sitting in her blue Tumbleform chair and gave her bells and a maraca and they sang songs "together"!! She had bells she put around Sadie's ankle, then she got Sadie to actually hold the hand bells, and she helped Sadie shake while they sang Jingle Bells (I's June, but whatever!)

You could tell Sadie was stimulated and really enjoyed it. She loves music so much. And I love Jocelyn. Lucky for us, she gets to come back again in a few months!

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