Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sadie's day with Grandpa and Nana

Yesterday, Sadie and I drove all the way out to Grandpa and Nana's house. Even though it's an hour-long trek out there, I am thankful that I have family nearby to offer some support. Brian has been in Vegas all week for work and I just needed to be around some people. Plus, they love Sadie and are happy to give me a break when we get there.

Sadie hung out with Grandpa while he worked on his computer while I took a nap. I could hear her "talking" to him in his office. But the best part was when Nana got home from work. I had Sadie propped up on the couch between two pillows (sitting like a big girl) and I was sitting on one side of her. Nana came and sat on the other side, so Sadie was fully supported. She started talking to Sadie and touching her hands and Sadie started whining a little and getting fussy, so I grabbed the ipad.

I said, "do you want to read a story?" I opened up a story and Sadie and Nana went through it together and listened to all the words and touched all the monkeys in the story. Sadie at first wanted to touch the ipad, but when she wants to touch, she still has a hard time reaching her arms out. Instead, she instinctively brings them in. When we noticed she wanted it, we brought it closer to her and she immediately calmed down. Her whole body relaxed and she reached out and touched it whenever she wanted.

After the story, Sadie and Nana looked at the animals. We have this app that shows a big, bright picture of an animal and says what it is, then if you touch the screen it makes the sound of the animal. It's really neat. They played this for over an hour, while Sadie was attentive and captivated the entire time!! It's so great to see Sadie doing things like this with her grandparents!

My dad even played a little game with Sadie. He pretended he was a lion and he would make his hands do a galloping sound on the couch behind her. They'd get closer and closer until they finally "attacked" in tickling her tummy, which resulted in extreme happiness. He probably did it ten times in a row, and Sadie would start to smile as she heard his hands on the couch, like she knew what was coming...then the tickle attack would make her smile so big!! It's too bad she doesn't giggle, because I think that game would have produced awesome belly laughs that babies give!

It was so good to hang out with family yesterday. I really wish I had pictures.

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