Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Oregon Vacation Post #1

Sadie and I are enjoying our annual Attilie's-birthday-4th-of-July-beat-the-heat Oregon vacation. We're in Eugene and it's been rainy and in the 60s...which has been a HUGE relief from the 115 I've heard it is at home!

Monday morning we got up REEEEEAALLLLY early and headed to the airport. The thing I always appreciate about Sadie is that no matter what time I wake her up, she is always happy to be awake! So, when I grabbed her at 4:45am and put her in the car, she just smiled as big as she could and was happy about whatever was going on!

The airport was a mess. We flew out of a tiny airport in Mesa, and apparently, so did everyone else. We arrived at 5:50 and I don't think we got through the line and off to security until almost 7:15! It was insane! But we made it, and they let Brian come to the gate with us because we have a disabled child. Since they were so busy (although not busy AT ALL at the gate...because people who got there 2 hours before their flight were just barely getting through and getting on the plane!) they told us that they don't usually let a helper through unless the person flying is disabled. whew!

Our plane ride was uneventful. Because we were so rushed, I forgot to fill up my water bottle. I didn't realize that if I was thirsty on the plane, it was $2 for a bottle of water!! Just water! But the lady next to me must have pitied me and my disabled child, and she bought me some water. She was very nice, even when Sadie dropped a load in her shorts and we had to smell it for the last half hour of the flight, she didn't complain or make a face at all!

We immediately had visitors, which we enjoyed. Sadie was happy and cooperative. She even took an hour long nap when we got home!! I think this is going to be a good trip!

The next morning we walked to a bakery from my sister-in-law's mother's house. It was my first time meeting my new nephew, Theo, and it was so good to see Attilie and her other cousins interact with Sadie. They are really too young to understand that Sadie's different, so they just treat her like a baby. And Maddie (who's 3) and Attilie (who's 2) have both told me they love her. Attilie even called her "my Sadie." Sadie also obviously loves them. Attilie also loves hanging out with Grammy (she calls her "GAmmy").

Later that evening, I joined my best friend, Anna, and her family for dinner. She has 3 boys who are 1, 3, and 5...and they love Sadie too. The littlest one got down on the floor and laid next to her, the oldest sang her songs and played peek-a-boo with her. I had NO IDEA, though, that boys could be so rowdy and loud!! Neither did Sadie, it upset her a little at first, but then I think she liked it! She really likes being around other kids. I wish we had more kids to be around at home like we do here.

We have more fun planned while we're here!! Church Wednesday night, Build-A-Bear Thursday for Attilie's birthday, swimming on Friday and a birthday party on Saturday! Then I'll still have another week before I leave! I dreaded coming since Sadie has been so screamy for so long. But so far she has been happy and calm. So far I'm really enjoying the vacation, and so far, so are the people we've spent time with, because they've been able to enjoy Sadie and not feel sorry for me as I continually try to calm a screamy child. I'm actually looking forward to the rest of our days here!

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