Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sadie's favorite Daddy

When I got pregnant and we started planning for a baby there was so much I thought I knew, but Brian was just clueless about all of it, and he wasn't afraid to admit it. And when I went into labor, he was the only man in the room, and the only one who had never been through labor, and he was wise enough to keep his mouth SHUT! He did a great job during our homebirth reminding me to breathe, encouraging me, and getting me everything I needed. But we had practiced that part of it!!

When Sadie was born, we were so unprepared for the turn of events, it could have easily cracked either of us, or our marriage. The reason it didn't is because my husband is so strong. He has turned into the best Daddy I could ever imagine, and the best Daddy for Sadie.

So, in honor of Father's Day, here are the top 10 reasons Brian is such a good Dad:

10. He goes to as many doctor's appointments as he can.

9. Even though it may be a little more work, he always encourages me to use cloth diapers and feed her homemade food because it's better for her.

8. He uses the word, "ouchies" even when it's NOT Sadie that hurts.

7. Sadie and Daddy walk to the mailbox everyday to get the mail.

6. He is the best at reading The Hungry Caterpillar.

5. He can't keep his hands or his lips off of her, because he just loves her so much.

4. When he gets her from the tub each night, before he puts a diaper on her, he makes sure he squeezes those little cheeks. (I hope this ritual ends before she's 11)

3. He helps put her to bed.

2. I can go out for the evening and he can remember to give her medicines, make sure her feeds start on time, and get her in bed asleep all by himself.

1. He gets up and goes to sleep with Sadie when she wakes up in the night.

I hope that your children also have awesome Daddy's and I encourage you to celebrate them today. Even if it's the little things that they do that you appreciate so much, let Dad know. Chances are, if he's like Brian, he doesn't do it because he has to, but because he LIKES to.

Happy Father's Day!

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