Monday, June 20, 2011

The Poop-splosion

Last night we sort of celebrated Father's Day by going out to dinner with Brian's parents. I say sort of because even if it hadn't been Father's Day, we still would have gone out to dinner with them. You see, they only live in Phoenix for part of the year (the good part), then in the summer they travel and spend time at their other houses. We haven't seen them since April and we probably won't see them again until after Christmas. They were just driving through.

We haven't taken Sadie out to a restaurant in a long time, so I suggested we go somewhere sit down, but not fancy...we ended up at Pita Jungle. It was perfect. Not too crowded, not real formal, kind of loud, but not overstimulating. Unfortunately, Sadie just wanted to be held and to suck suck suck on her pacifier. That seems like all she wants to do lately because of those teeth. So, naturally, I started, and when I got tired I handed her off to Brian...where she took the liberty of dropping a deuce.

Brian insisted that I change her NOW! Nevermind that I was halfway through my hummus and tabouli. NOW! So, I took her in the bathroom and soon learned that she didn't just poop her pants, she had a poop-spolsion. It was EVERYWHERE! I am surprised it wasn't on me! Luckily I was able to wipe the tiny bit off of her shirt otherwise we would have come out of that bathroom in just a diaper! As it was, Sadie was pantless...which, thankfully is okay for babies.

After that we had no more significant events. Grammy and Karl came back to our house for some cake and cuddles before they had to go. We'll miss them for the next 6 months, but it was good to see them last night!

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