Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm back, but my post is lame.

I had this idea that I could tie my hatred for libertarian economic political theory to the advent of our societies wish to refudiate social programs in the name of "budgets". I can't decide if my post was more about my sadness of societal decisions, or the love of my daughter and the potential diminished services she is facing as she ages. Either way, it isn't in the theme of this blog.

So instead of a politically abrasive blog, I'll post a picture of my daughter near our banana tree!

And quickly talk about my favorite new event: when screamy, and that's often, in order to subdue her tirade of whaaa! I'll take her outside. She never complains over temperature, she just enjoys the sunshine and the change in surroundings. Screaming ceases. As our sun is blazing and bright in the summer, we'll often bask under our Banana Tree in the partial shade. Sadie, true to form, loves to hear the rustle of the leaves as they gently sway in a arid summer breeze.

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