Monday, June 6, 2011

ipad update - it finally came!

Sadie's ipad came last week. It's been so exciting to play with it. One of the most fun apps we downloaded was the Yes/No app. It's basically a big green square that says "YES" when you touch it, and a big red square that says "NO" when you touch it. But you can change it. So, I made a square that says "MORE FOOD" and recorded my voice saying "more food" and another square that says "ALL DONE" and recorded my voice on that one too. And we practice when she's eating orally. Of course I still decide when she gets more food and when she's all done, but I'm hoping that soon she'll be able to do it herself. I also learned that you can add pictures to the buttons on the screen. So I made one with my picture and my voice saying "mommy" then one with Brian's picture and his voice saying "daddy." We haven't used these yet, but we will soon.

We also downloaded animal noises. She likes this one when she plays with the speech therapist. Ours is a little different, but it's neat because it's also in Spanish. Brian and I are trying to learn/perfect our Spanish, but we also think it'd be neat if Sadie was bilingual. Her favorite so far is the rattle snake (Serpiente de Cascabel) because it makes a really fun noise. She also likes the gatitos (kittens) because that noise is familiar to her. It's pretty fun to watch her sometimes listen, sometimes try to look, and other times she wants to touch.

We have some other apps that we want to work more and more with, one is about shapes, another is fruits. We have another that when you touch, shapes accompanied by noises appear, so it's good instant gratification to reinforce cause and effect and hopefully get her reaching out and touching more. Unfortunately teething has been awful these last few days, so I don't have many pictures or video to show you yet, but there will be plenty to come.

For now, here's a picture of Sadie enjoying a quick podcast of Sesame Street. Enjoy!

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