Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 11 - Baby Beau update

I am so thankful for Sadie's therapists.  We have a good team working with us and I appreciate the work that everybody does for my girl.

When we moved to the other side of town last year, we had to get all new therapists.  It was hard to leave some and not so hard to leave others.  OT has been the hardest to find, and now that we found someone, it's going to be hard to rearrange schedules for when Sadie starts school, but I am determined to keep her because I love what she does with Sadie!

There are so many therapies that we don't have that I'd like to take advantage of too... water, horses, music, etc.  I hope that someday Sadie will get to do more fun things in the name of therapy!

Baby Beau update:

Beau's left lung collapsed over the weekend and he was on the ventilator while the nurses maintained a delicate balance between life and death for him.  His lung has since opened back up, and he's off the vent, but now it looks like his right lung is collapsing.  They are trying hard to keep both lungs functioning.

Beau had a procedure done called a balloon atrial septostomy and did great!  Everybody seems really optimistic.  His open heart surgery is scheduled for Thursday next week.

Today, Beau opened his eyes, cried, and even took a bottle!!

Mom and dad have been given a room at Ronald McDonald House so they can be close.

My cousin Noah (dad) with Beau

Beau and his Mama, Angie

first time Beau opened his eyes... and smiled for the camera!!

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