Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 30

Diapers!!!  I am thankful for diapers.

When Sadie turns 3 she will be eligible for diapers provided by the state.  That's because her disability inhibits her ability to potty train like a typical 3 year old (although, we're gonna show them!).  However, Sadie's recent growth spurt has made it very difficult to fit her into diapers...because most 5-year-olds don't wear diapers.

She no longer fits any of the cloth diapers we have.  And she's almost too small for size 6 disposables...but we use them anyway, because that's all we have.  But it sucks having to pay for size 6 diapers!  She'll be 3 in just about 6 weeks, so I was just hanging in there until her birthday.


Sadie's preschool teacher asked me yesterday if we'd be interested in some free diapers.  Someone donated cases and cases to the school of youth diapers that are Sadie's size, the kind that the state provides.  I'm sure my face lit up.  She said she felt bad that we were still using Pampers size 6 when Sadie is such a big girl.  She was able to give me a couple of packs to try and told me that if they worked well, she'd give me boxes to last us until Sadie's birthday.

Seriously, when I opened them my first thought was, "these are like what they make you wear in the hospital after you have a baby!"  And they looked HUUUUUGE!  But they fit Sadie perfectly.  And they're really absorbent.  So, I think we're gonna avoid so many wardrobe changes from using these!  The only thing is that I'm used to diapers with pretty pictures and cute designs on them, and these are plain white.  So, I think I might go buy some tempera paint and some sponges in cute shapes and paint these diapers to make them cute!  I'm such a dork...

Anyway, Miss Kasey gave us 2 whole boxes of diapers today and I am SO THANKFUL!  It's weird how excited one can get over the littlest things.

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