Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 6 - and a potty training update

Today everybody is talking about being thankful to have the freedom to vote and blah blah blah.  While I think that is an important freedom, I'm not really that into politics, so I'm not going to follow suit today.

Instead, I'm going to talk about my thankfulness for the help I receive.  Today was my first trip out by myself with both kids.  We went to Sadie's therapy, and I knew it'd take a little time to get everyone out of the car, strapped into the wheelchair, put in the baby carrier, etc. so I showed up early.  Ezra screamed the whole way there (please God, not another car screamer!), so it was good that I allowed myself some extra time, because he needed to nurse when we got there in order to calm down.

And then I realized how thankful I really am for Chelsea, our respite provider, who has been coming with me to therapies and helping me get Sadie to the car and out of the car and waiting in the car while I go get smoothies...  It's a lot harder than I expected to wear Ezra in the baby wrap, push Sadie's wheelchair, carry the diaper bag, etc.

After therapy, Kristi, our OT, helped get us all back into the car.  And when we got home, Brian was here and offered to get Sadie and bring her in the house.  Just having that little bit of help goes a long ways.  I didn't realize how much work it is to take both kids out, and how much I really appreciate the help when I have it.

WARNING!!!  Poop picture... if you're offended or grossed out, don't scroll down!!

I just want to report that we (re)started potty training yesterday.  Before I was too pregnant to get down on the floor and lift Sadie, we were doing pretty well at going pee in the potty... never poop, but lots of pee.  She would go almost every time I sat her there!  Yesterday there wasn't any pee, but today there have been some dribbles.  But we got something better...POOP!!  Sadie pooped on the potty today for the first time ever!

...and I took a picture.

I'm such a proud Mama!!

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