Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 24

We have this grocery store here in Phoenix called Sprouts.  It's healthy, natural, and organic...but you don't have to be a complete hippy to shop there.  I like Sprouts because it has items in bulk bins, as well as spices in bulk (I just needed a little bit of cayenne for a recipe, so I put some in a baggie and paid $.13 for it...instead of buying a whole bottle!).  I also am always impressed with their produce prices.  I think they try to get produce locally (here that includes California...even though that's not really local), so it is cheaper and better quality.  They also have a HUUUUGE vitamin section.  Seriously, like a third of the store is vitamins.  I like it because I can find healthy natural remedies for Sadie, or I can buy the prenatals I like without having to order online or go into a special vitamin store.  And when I hurt my knee and I was pregnant, I found arnica there.  Or when I needed papaya enzymes to help with heartburn, it was easy to pick them up at Sprouts.

The hard thing about shopping at Sprouts is that they DON'T carry some of the necessary things we need, so I still have to also visit my big chain grocery store for things like Tylenol, frozen juice concentrate, and Tillamook cheese.  But, it's okay, I'm used to it by now.  In fact, when I was shopping last minute for Thanksgiving, I actually bought a bag of flour and it was weird...I'm just so used to getting it in bulk at Sprouts!

I like that Sprouts has things on my everyday grocery list, but also odd things that I might only find at Whole Foods.  It's like a happy medium.  And the best part is that this fall they opened a new store that is so close to my house.  I could easily ride my bike there.  Whereas before, it was a 20 minute drive...which I made each week.  Now, I can go for just a few things really quickly and I'm hope within 20 minutes!

I am thankful for Sprouts.

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