Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 26 - and Sadie's first day of Preschool!

Yesterday I was thankful for Brian's job.  Today I am thankful for my own.  I love my job.  I teach online High School English.  I work with awesome people doing something that I honestly love to do.  And I am able to stay home.  Plus in this kind of teaching environment I can work part time, so I am able to still attend Sadie's appointments and be involved in her therapies.

Today was my first day back to work.  Honestly, I've missed it.  Sometimes, when I'm sitting at home and there's nothing new going on on Facebook, I like to work.  It's easy to pull out my computer and spend an hour creating a powerpoint presentation, or grading essays.  And I can do it all in my pajamas without showering!!

Today was also Sadie's first day of preshool, and let me tell you, it was much easier to focus on work with only one baby at home!!

This morning we took Sadie to school and brought her all the way into her classroom.  Her teacher is so nice and they have a room full of caring adults.  It's hard to believe she's already so big.  Today was the beginning of an era, she will now go to school everyday for the next 14 or so years.

I accidentally forgot Sadie's food for the day, so I had to go home and come back.  When I came back to school Sadie was sitting in a little chair with a toy that she had to touch/hit to activate lights and sound and she was all smiles, as happy as could be!  She was LOVING being at school.

Then when I picked her up, I was told that she had the best first day of school ever.  Miss Kasey called her a delight.  I'm so proud of my big girl!

Sadie and her teacher, Miss Kasey

Sadie on her first day of preschool


  1. Sadie is sitting up so beautifully straight! So glad to hear she is enjoying school so far!!!

  2. Wow....amazing little (big) sweet pea!