Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 27

I am thankful for bath time.  Both of my kids love to be in the bathtub.  I sometimes think it's because we put them in there so early, but then Brian reminds me of how much I like to be in the bath tub (and shower...although, you wouldn't know it based on how often I shower now!) and that these kids are born from the same genes.

Recently, I've been showering Sadie in the mornings instead of bathing her at night.  She often wakes up smelling like pee because we give her so much water in the night and she pees a TON.  And now that she wears her hand splints at night, her hands stink like neoprene and sweat.  Oh, and if she spits up a little or drools a ton while she's in her bed, she'll probably roll around in it, which makes for some pretty nasty hair (isn't my life glamorous?).  I couldn't imagine sending her to school like that...so we changed it up.

Sadie loves the shower too.  I sit her in her giant bumbo in the tub and we have one of those shower heads on a long cord, and I wash her hair and her body and we play with the water.  She giggles and "talks" the whole time.  Then when she gets out she smells all clean and I can't keep my lips off her chubby chubby cheeks!

The other thing I've been doing is getting in the tub with Ezra at night after Sadie has gone to bed.  Sadie usually goes to bed around 7:30, and the goal is to get Ezra swaddled and nursing between 8:00 and 8:30 so that I can lay him down and get myself in bed around 9:00.  So, we've been getting in the tub, then jammies and swaddle.  He loves the bath, just like his sister.

My favorite part is cuddling and hugging and nursing skin to skin.  But he likes to play too, he's kind of figuring out how fun it is to splash!  And we have a couple of toys in there.  Don't tell Ezra, but I bought him a bunch of tub toys for Christmas, because I know he'll be able to sit in a few months, and grab things and stuff...then bath time will be a whole new level of fun!!

Whether it's a bath or a shower, it's a time to bond with my kids.

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