Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 13

I have really tried to embrace this attachment parenting thing, you know, the baby wearing (best thing EVER!), the nursing on demand, the co-sleeping, etc.  And I'm all for all this stuff, but last night I just needed a break.  I prayed for just an hour or two sleeping by myself.

Enter the swaddler.

I have mixed emotions about the swaddler.  It's like the swing, don't overdo it.  We didn't really use one with Sadie, because I was sort of against them...but with Ezra, I wanted to try it.  Last night, I was desperate for just a few hours to myself, so I wrapped him up in the swaddler and was SHOCKED that he just fell asleep IN.HIS.BED!

He slept for 3 hours, nursed for 10 minutes and then slept another 3 hours.  And it was like the best night of sleep in my life!

I am so thankful for sleep.

You don't realize how much you need good sleep until you don't get it.  And with a newborn, you just don't get it.


  1. AMEN. We use the "Miracle Blanket" on our girls and they slept through the night when we used it. Love swaddling blankets!

  2. I am all about baby wearing and breastfeeding during the day but my babies need mama to sleep more than they need to sleep with mama! :)