Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bump Watch - 10 weeks

I've been following my cousin's blog through pregnancy, miscarriage, and now another pregnancy, and she does this thing every week she calls "bump watch." I love it because I get to hear how her pregnancy is going, I get to see her little tummy growing, and I get to celebrate with her in this healthy pregnancy after experiencing so much hurt and loss. (If you want to check her out, you can here Just Smile and Blog)

Last time I was pregnant, I didn't have a blog. I don't think I had anything to write about that people would even care to read. But now I do, so I'm going to copy my cousin and I'm going to start a bump watch with this pregnancy. I may not get to it every week, but hopefully enough times throughout my pregnancy that at least it'll catalogue my progress for me to look back on someday (after the morning sickness is gone!!)

So, here goes...

How far along: 10 weeks

Weight gain: Somewhere between 8-10 pounds? I weighed myself a few weeks ago, and I think I was actually OVER 10 pounds, but yesterday I was +10 pounds and this morning I was more like +8...could I be losing weight? When I go to the midwife, of course I weigh in like a small heifer, because it's like 3:00 in the afternoon, so I'm going with what my home scale says!!

What's up with my body: I mostly feel like poo all day long. There are periods where I think the sickness might be waning, but then it comes back in full force the next day. However, I've only actually thrown up twice...both times while making Sadie's blenderized food. It super grosses me out!

I think my tummy has been the same size for the last 5 weeks, and I am officially wearing maternity clothes 80% of the time (not like the full panel pants yet, but the ones that have the 3" elastic) because I can't comfortably button my regular pants.

Sometimes sleeping is tough because of weird dreams, anxious thoughts, or restless legs (restless legs is the WORST pregnancy symptom ever!! I'd rather puke everyday than EVER have restless legs again!!).

And I'm now I can fully empathize with Sadie when she pushes and pushes and produces and tiny little fudge-nugget. It's not very satisfying at all...but I can't take miralax!!

Movement: I've had a lot of tummy gurgles lately, which in the beginning feel a lot like baby movement, but I know it's just gas...soon though it'll be baby. I've heard that you feel it sooner with the second one because you know what it feels like.

Gender: We had a conversation the other night and we decided that we DO want to find out...but we still have to wait a couple of months. According to the heartbeat myth, it's a girl. Sadie's heartbeat was like 180 something, this one's was 173 at our ultrasound on Monday...but who knows, maybe my kids just have a fast metabolism like their Daddy and so their hearts beat faster. I really don't have an inkling either way.

What I'm looking forward to: Group prenatal care. The clinic we've chosen does this "birth circle" thing where they group women together who all have a due date within about a month of each other, then once a month, instead of scheduling your prenatal appointment, you meet in the evening with this group of women. At this time, the midwife will pull you into a private room to discuss anything you need to with her alone, she'll measure your belly, weigh you, and listen to the heartbeat. They schedule guest speakers, have specific birthing discussion topics, and I'm guessing...tour the hospital? Or at least they talk about what to expect from a hospital birth...which will be good, because I have no idea what to expect from a hospital birth.

I feel like a first time preggo in a lot of ways. We got a bill from the clinic and I had to ask if the hospital was also going to bill us separately, if this included everything, etc. I just don't know!! I have no idea what it feels like to birth my baby into my arms and nurse him/her immediately. I have no idea what it's like to have people visit you with happy tears and to pass your brand new baby around. And I'm looking forward to doing that this time!

What's different this time around: This time around I'm definitely bigger. It was like as soon as my body figured out I was pregnant, my boobs grew (overnight practically) and my belly started's crazy!! I'm also sicker this time. Or maybe I just feel sicker because I don't have the luxury of sitting on the couch all day eating dry Cheerios like I did last time. I have a 2 year old to take care of now, a disabled one who can't do anything for herself. And it's making me more tired, more grumpy, and more sick.

Also this time around Brian is different. When I was pregnant before, he didn't get it. He just kept acting like I could get over it. He also wasn't too sure about this Daddy thing before, he was nervous and probably a little scared. I feel like he's approaching baby #2 with confidence. He's excited. And he gets that I need a nap, that I don't feel well, that I don't want to eat dinner, and that I just generally need help with Sadie.

And every night he wraps his arms around me and puts his hand on my belly and says, "good night little zygote."


  1. Oranges, oranges, oranges! One a day helps with constipation immensely! Best. Tip. Ever.