Monday, March 12, 2012

Sadie's first sibling!!!

Guess what???

Yep, we're pregnant again!! We've actually known for over a month now, but I wanted to wait until we had a picture before I posted it here.

Sadie's going to be a big sister and I'm so excited for what that means for our family...

A chance to heal.

Someone to inspire Sadie and hopefully spark competition.

Another kid for Sadie to interact with on a regular basis.

Breastfeeding again (I loved that part of having a baby).

Upgrading our family vehicle to a van!!

I am 9+ weeks along and our due date is October 11 (or 13th depending on which midwife you ask). According to our ultrasound today everything looks healthy and baby is measuring right where he/she should be. The heart beat was we might have another girl on our hands. If I remember correctly, Sadie's heartbeat was like 180 the first time we heard it!!

We are going to do another natural birth, with a midwife, but we've chosen to birth in a hospital for safety and our own personal feelings of security. We found a clinic that has 3 midwives, they birth in a nearby hospital, and we will get whoever is on call. We've only met one so far, and we brought Sadie to our first appointment so as there'd be no "secrets" or misinformation. She fell immediately in love with Sadie and wasn't spooked at all by our story. She understood that we're a little bit nervous, and I think she's confident and experienced enough that she will help ease our fears and answer our questions as they crop up.

This is a new and exciting time in our lives and we are so blessed to be healthy and happy and pregnant again!!


  1. I know this is gonna be scary. But you guys are very smart and you are the best Mom and I know you will do whatever it takes to remain safe and healthy. This is so exciting there is an explosion of Becks going on :)
    Love you guys~ Diane

  2. This just made my day!!! Congrats and i will keep you all in our prayers. Sadie will be a great big sister and will teach the new baby more than you ever thought possible. I am truely happy and very excited for you and your family!!!

    Keisha Choate(Teagan's mom)