Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ryan House...take 2

Today we brought Sadie to Ryan House, where she's going to stay for the next 3 nights. Last time we tried staying at Ryan House was almost a year ago and, if you remember, it didn't go as well as we'd hoped. (read about that here) But Sadie is bigger now and much more independent, so we're hoping it'll be a more pleasant experience this time.

Ryan House is a respite facility where children with special needs, and their families, can come stay. It's like a resort for special needs kids... in fact, we've dubbed it "Club Spesh." It really is an amazing place full of caring people who WANT to be there taking care of our kid. And there are so many cool toys and things to play with, what kid wouldn't want to go there???

But 3 nights away from my little girl is unprecedented. I have never been away from her even for 24 hours. So, this is kind of a big deal. While I was excited to have a break, I was also really nervous.

Dropping her off went well. They asked me if I had any goals for her while she's there, I told them I just wanted her to be happy. That's reasonable, right? We brought her back to the light/bubble pole and immediately she was happy...just like last time!! We stayed for about an hour and a half, and then we left her in completely capable hands.

On the way home, we realized we could go do whatever we wanted...we didn't have to go home!! So, we went and looked at new cars. Then we spent a quiet evening not rocking, not worrying about puke, not fighting Sadie to go to sleep.

Here's hoping we don't get a call in the middle of the night!

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