Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodnight, Sadie

For a long long long long long long long time Sadie did NOT sleep through the night.  I remember days feeling like I shouldn't be driving because I ended up at my destination, but I had no idea how I got there! We spent a lot of nights bouncing or rocking...I watched a lot of movies on Netflix!  There were a lot of nights that I went into Sadie's room and patted and sang to get her back to sleep, then fell asleep in her bed myself.  And I can't even count the nights that we'd get all set and put Sadie to bed, then it'd take another 3 hours before she was actually asleep!

There were even 2 nights that I remember Sadie didn't fall asleep until 7:00 in the morning.

But for the last week (8 nights, actually), we've been able to take Sadie to bed, lay her down, kiss her goodnight, then close the door and not see her again until the morning.  It's like the Heaven's opened up and are shining down on our house.

Actually, last night her mouth hurt pretty badly (those molars are going to take a long time before we see them all!), and she was having a hard time settling down.  I went in there and patted, sang her 2 songs, she was calm, so I left.

More screaming.

We've found that when we lay her down she'll scream for a few minutes (usually less than 10), then she's quiet and we don't hear her again all night, so we thought we'd wait.  We got ready for bed and she was still screaming.

I went in there and patted some more.  She was so tired, her eyes were closed, but she was thrashing her head back and forth out of pain.  We gave her some Advil, I patted for a few more minutes and rubbed her head a little, and then we left her.

She stopped, fell asleep and we didn't see her again until this morning!   And that's the hardest night we've had in a week!!

I was sure we'd be woken up last night, but she is such a big girl she made it through the night.

I remember when we were reaching the end of car screaming and it felt like it was too good to be true, and I was afraid that any day we'd go back to screaming and my living hell would return.  This kind of feels like that.  She's had stretches before of sleeping through the night...but never for 8 nights in a row.

Could this be it?  This would be great timing.  I have really been enjoying getting a good night's sleep, having some evening time to wind down and hang out with Brian, and Sadie is SO HAPPY during the day when she sleeps all night...I'm enjoying that too.

My girl is really growing up, and I love this kid she's turning into!!

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