Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lots of exciting things happening for us!

I'm feeling really good about life right now (despite the morning sickness...which seems to be getting better maybe).  I feel like I've been talking for so long about all the things we have "in the works" that I'm so excited about...and now they are finally happening.

We met our new OT today.  Her name is Tami (confusing?  Our current PT is also Tami) and she is really nice.  The coolest thing is that she's doing hippotherapy.  No, this isn't therapy with a hippopotamus!! It's actually horse therapy, or equine therapy.  Here's a short video I found on youtube about it that explains it really well (PS. the girl in this video is super cute!!)

Anyway, this new OT, Tami, has her own horses and is currently working on getting certified with the state to do hippotherapy at her home.  Until then, we'd have to go to a place where she can use someone else's horses and it'll cost us $30 each time we go.  We might go try it once or twice, but summer is coming, and it's getting hot.  Hopefully by the fall, when the weather cools down, we'll be able to go to Tami's for free and ride the horses every week or once a month, or whatever we decide.

I'm really looking forward to this kind of therapy, I think it will help Sadie with sitting, improve the mobility in her hips (we want to hold off surgery as long as we can!), and maybe even encourage walking someday.

Any of my you done hippotherapy?  What did you think?  Did it help your child with balance and walking?

We also will start with our new PT the first week of April.  We are so sad to lose Tami, she has been a huge help to us and almost like a member of our family for the last year and a half, but our new PT, Denise, will come to our home.  She is a lot like Tami in the way she does therapy, and I'm excited to work with her.  I'm also super excited not to have to drive 45 minutes one way twice a week to go to PT, which is probably the most important therapy for Sadie right now.  Denise is also willing to meet us at the pool when it gets hotter and do some therapy in the water, which I think Sadie will really enjoy.

We have a great respite provider (aka babysitter) right now too, who we love.  She is reliable and responsible (and it helps that I know her family and have known her for the last 6 or 7 years), and she is good with Sadie.  I hope that she is able to stay with us for a long time...but I know that when you're 20 years old and your whole life is ahead of you, big things can happen pretty quickly, and we'll eventually lose her.

In May, we will meet with the school district to discuss Sadie's transition to preschool.  We are trying to get her in before she's 3 since we have a new baby coming.  It's hard to believe that conversation is already starting!!  My little girl is almost big enough to go to school!!

We now have Sadie's Happy Chair, her neck swim floaty came in the mail, her stander has been ordered, and she's eating a TON by mouth (even though her swallow study says she's aspirating...I don't totally trust or believe that test)!!  We are looking forward to a great rest of the year!!

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