Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swimming at Ryan House

I started feeling really guilty yesterday about leaving Sadie at Ryan House. I wonder if she understands where she is, why she's there, that we're coming back, etc. I mean, she's not like a normal kid, who you can explain these things to (whether they totally get it or not). I have no idea what she comprehends! I just didn't want her to feel abandoned.

So, I went and visited her today and took her swimming.

When I got there she had just woken up and the nurse was working on changing her and getting her ready for the day. She was so happy to see me, she just kept smiling and she was cooing at me!! We put her in her swimsuit and headed for the pool.

At the pool they had this floaty that goes around her neck. I've always wanted to try one of these things, but never had the chance. I was a little nervous that her head would slip right through the hole, but it didn't. And soon Sadie and I got more comfortable with it.

She quickly figured out how to kick her little legs and she could swing her body from front to back. She was ALL OVER that pool! I basically had to just chase her around! I think she loved the independence this thing offered her most of all. She had so much fun.

I think she's having a good time at Ryan House. I mean, nobody has called me this time in a panic! They said she's been sleeping at night, and despite that "witching hour" from 4:30-6:00 where they can't get her to stop crying, she's been pretty happy! I definitely felt less guilty after visiting her there. They take good care of her, and she enjoys being around other people, I think. I'm so glad that we tried it again and that this time we had a much better experience.

All clean after her swim and a bath, and in the wagon ready to go back to her room!!

One more night and she comes home!

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  1. Sadie felt weightless and free...and really liked it!granpa