Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sadie's mastered the puffs

Since I've gotten pregnant I'm totally grossed out making blended food for Sadie. (ew, just talking about it is grossing me out!) And while it's sorta been a curse, it's also been a blessing...because I've been feeding Sadie more by mouth.

First thing in the morning when Sadie wakes up, it's like her brain hasn't fully woken up yet and eating is too complex of a task. But she needs the calories and the blood sugar boost. So, I've been giving her milk in her tube, and we've been practicing eating puffs. To me, it kind of feels like she's having a big bowl of cereal!

Eating something this solid is pretty complicated, much more complicated than purees. She has to chew, she has to manipulate an object in her mouth in order not to choke, and she has to swallow deliberately. And for a long time she spent a lot of energy getting it OUT of her mouth (because that's basic instinct). Now, she's figuring out how to really eat them. She can even crunch, but I'm not sure she likes to crunch, it's kind of startling for her. I'm hoping this is a jumping off point for some more things like whole bananas (ie. not mushed), toast, maybe even Cheerios!!

Anyway, here's a video, enjoy!!

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