Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bump Watch - 11 weeks

Is it just me or when you're pregnant (or really want to be pregnant) do you see pregnant women EVERYWHERE???  I swear the other day at Target I saw no less than 8 pregnant women...and I was only there for about an hour!  It's crazy how everybody's pregnant right now!!

So without further's my "bumpdate"

How far along: 11 weeks

Weight Gain: +9 lbs

What's up with my Body??? I feel like the sickness is waning some days, but then other days I feel like throwing up all the time. It's hard because I get hungry, but there's nothing that I want to eat. I've started to feel some cramping and bloating, which makes me think baby's growing! Still constipated, still not sleeping well, having vivid dreams. Oh, and I've started having reflux...not just heartburn, but full on reflux. Like Sadie has. Poor baby, I know can really feel empathy for her.

Food Cravings: I want chips and salsa. But it has to be restaurant chips and salsa. I mean, I have chips and salsa at home, but I want to sit down at a restaurant and have the server give me unlimited chips and salsa...and maybe queso dip also. Unfortunately, I think it's the gorging of chips and salsa that's causing the reflux.

Movement: I have a lot of gas, I think. So, when I feel rumbling in my tummy I always wonder...but it usually materializes itself as gas (if you know what I mean). But the other night, I really thought I felt something way low on the left side. I was sitting up against Brian on the couch and we thought maybe baby was gravitating that direction because it was warmer. I don't know though, it seems too early to be feeling anything.

Gender: I have NO INDICATION of whether it's a boy or a girl. And frankly I couldn't care less if it's one or the other. On the one hand, I think it'd be fun to have a house full of little girls. On the other, it'd be nice to have a big, strong boy to help lift her sister. We'll be excited when we get to find out, but we don't spend a lot of time now talking about if it's one or the other.

What I'm looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to being done with "morning sickness". I am thankful for the healthy hormones that are making me sick (and tired), but I'm really ready to move on. I'm also looking forward to getting bigger. Right now I'm in the in-between stage where my normal clothes don't really button, but maternity clothes are still a little too big...but I wear them anyway because they're more comfortable.

What's the same as last time: The toothbrushing gagging has returned. For most of my last pregnancy, and even for months after Sadie was born, I gagged everytime I brushed my teeth. I am back to doing that. It hasn't made me throw up yet, but it sure is uncomfortable.

Maternity purchases: I bought a swim suit. Last time I was pregnant all winter and didn't really feel like I needed a maternity swim suit. I bought a top to wear in the birthing pool so my pictures wouldn't be naked, but that's it. This time, especially since we bought that floaty for Sadie, I expect we'll be down at the pool in the water a lot this summer, and I need a cute swimsuit to wear!! I can't wait to receive it in the mail!!

It seems silly to do this again so soon...especially since nothing has really changed.  But that's okay.  These pictures didn't turn out as well as I wanted them to.  I might try something different next week.  Any ideas?

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