Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blogging is cool

I grew up in a family where reading and writing were valued.  My grandfather was a PhD and the head librarian at the University of Oregon (yes, my blood runs green and yellow).  He was always reading at least 2 books in English, and then probably another in a foreign language.  I can still see him sitting in his chair with the lamp shining over his shoulder and a book in his hand. When he died and my mom and aunt and uncle split up his belongings, it was a wonder at how many books each person got!

This makes me not in the least bit surprised that in addition to my blog, I have 2 cousins who also regularly blog...and are good writers!

What would my Grandfather think of this new digital age where anybody can be "published" just by giving a small amount of personal information to sign up for a Blogger account and then pushing that big orange button at the top of the page?  I think he'd be overwhelmed.  I think he'd be fascinated.  And I think he'd be proud of us that we love to read and love to write and are sharing our lives and our thoughts with the world.

So blog on Barnes family!!

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  1. I was thinking the same thing the other day! Writing runs in our blood, I hope my kids get the 'gene' also. I was talking to Nima the other day about Granddaddy, I'm sad he never got to meet him but I'm sure he will carry on the nerd genes!